May 7, 2018


Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

In addition to other reviews (especially as Hello! Project becomes somewhat quiet on the newsfront), I’m going to attempt something different this month: #MemeMay. What is #MemeMay? Every Monday in May (the “sweeps month” for Q2), I’m going to take a look at a piece of J-pop associated with memes. #MemeMonday and #NewMusicMonday are already a thing so… every Monday in May is #MemeMusicMonday.

What better way to begin the celebrate the collision of J-pop and memes with what is possibly the most relevant one of the four I picked (aka the certified confirmed ones I could find on Know Your Meme. While I’m familiar with other J-pop memes listed there, I went with the confirmed stuff just to be safe): Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

This fashion blogger-turned-pop phenom is sure to ring some bells for some.

I remember when the video came out and made quite a stir. Since I was already a fan of Yasutaka Nakata’s work in Capsule and Perfume, his distinctive fingerprint being on Kyary’s material was a great gateway in. What solidified it for me was the surreal visuals and Kyary’s own unique style, definitely reflecting the unique scene she came from.

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