Ping Pong Pinpoint, January 2018 Edition: Beginnings and Endings Galore

January 18, 2018

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

How’s your year so far?

Well, as promised in the 2017 Year-End post, here’s a rundown of minor news from late 2017 to earlier this month.

We’ve got news to cover, involving new beginnings for Inaba Manaka, Sugaya RisakoTsubaki FactorySuzuki Airi, Yasuda Kei, and Ishikawa Rika, along with endings for Taguchi Natsumi and Aikawa Maho.

(Don’t worry, Kuduu fans. You’ll get your day.)

Anyway, let’s get right down to it!

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M3 Project Announcement: 20 Years of Fun

January 9, 2018

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

As I was planning for 2018, it occurred that despite H!P hitting a landmark year, not much is done. Plus, a couple of tournaments I had intended to start in 2017 (during Momusu’s 20th anniversary year) were left on the backburner.

This’ll be handled here and now.
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Final Quarter of 2017 ☾

December 30, 2017

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

It’s that time of year again, when we get reflective of the past 300+ days. A lot has happened this year, which entailed numerous ups and downs. I got a bit into it during the Charisma, Kirei review, but this year was both exciting and draining.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the Final Quarter of 2017 (and a look at 2018)! 

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Charismelon Anniversary: A Melon Kinenbi Special

December 21, 2017

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Sorry for the quiet in updates. I’ve been a bit busy… and drained in recent weeks. Some may say I was a tad distracted, what with the goings-on in politics (including a GOP tax plan and the FCC net neutrality vote) and other events (like Kuduu’s then-impending graduation, the results of the H!P audition, the strange single releases, and Taguchi’s “departure”) eating at my mind.

In fact, I was content with just letting things be as they may and take the rest of the year off on account of the drain (so sorry if this “final (review) post of 2017” is a tad more barebones than usual, trying to get this out before Christmas). However, there was something stopping that: a special review for M3’s 10th anniversary, namely one for the final single of Melon Kinenbi during their time in H!P.

Remember when I said there was a reason we started the year with a Melon Kinenbi post?


Well, one of the last releases of M3’s debut year was the Melon Kinenbi EP Melon Juice, released on December 12, 2007 (ten years ago last Tuesday).


Its opening track, Charisma, Kirei, was later released as a single with a new B-side in March 19, 2008. (Ironically, this was mildly less than a year before M3 would move to WordPress.) Selling 2,180 units, what became Melon Kinenbi’s final H!P single is also their worst-selling one.

(On another note, the fact it was going to be reviewed regardless was why “Charisma Kirei” was left out of the poll. It being the worst-selling single had nothing to do with it.)

Given that 2017 is winding down (and it’s almost Christmas), let’s dig into Charisma, Kirei and see if this has more charisma than this year had to offer.
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Life is one time: Unfinished Business with Unfinished Mandarins (yum!)

November 10, 2017

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!


Welcome to another special review where I revisit old blog topics. Last time, we talked about the topic of my first review. Now, we’re going to talk about the first Morning Musume review I’ve done. (How fitting I do this in anniversary years.)

Like last time, content from the original post are quoted.

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Planting the Seeds of Love

November 2, 2017

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

If you’re reading this, it’s now (or was)  midnight in Japan and thus (has been) November 3, 2017. What does such a date mean?

Well, on November 3, 1997, a small single was released and its singers given a challenge: sell 50,000 copies in five days and they’ll be a signed act. They managed to complete the challenge just in time and the rest is history.

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Victory’s BIG WAVE Chance!!!!

October 25, 2017

Welcome to my first review of Hello! Project-related media and commentary! This first installment is a double-feature PV review.

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Welcome to a very special review where I look at the topics of the very first Morning Twilight! (Weirdly enough, technical limitations caused me to split them into two separate posts.)

Content from the original post are quoted.

First PV…

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Welcome ANGERME! The Invitation from Around the World

October 20, 2017

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Back in April, I signal boosted a fan project for the ANGERME faithful. The deadline for submissions passed in early October and a few weeks later (as of the 17th), the final product is finally here as the finished video is now on YouTube!

(Appropriately enough, this comes at the end of the first leg of Juice=Juice’s global trek.)

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Twenty Years of Morning Service

September 14, 2017

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

If you’re reading this, then it is (or has been) officially 21:00 on September 14 in Japan. What does that have to do with anything? Well, 20 years and one week before on the program ASAYAN (which aired at 21:00), five finalists from a Sharam-Q audition were given a five days to sell 5,000 copies of their demo single (which they would later do and thus change J-pop history forever, but I’m getting ahead of myself).

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Eight Little Magnolias

September 11, 2017

Eight Little Magnolias debuted in Idol Heaven.
One got terminated and then there were seven.
Seven Little Magnolias cured our idol fix.
One graduated and then there were six.

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!


All you children who love stories gather ’round. I have quite the yarn for you story-lovers here.

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