Ping Pong Pinpoint Precision Past Perspective – Part I

May 18, 2014

Warning: There will be a LOT of YouTube videos in this series, which may cause some browsers to lag and/or crash. You’ve been warned. If I missed anything, let me know.

Greetings, Magical Meteorites and other Earthlings who happened to drop by! As noted in a previous post, I am going to cover the interim of my hiatus (March 2009-February 2014) in a special series of posts.

So welcome to the Precision Past Perspective Edition of Ping Pong Pinpoint.

According to Time and, it has been (with the final date itself in parenthesis)…

  • 4 years, 10 months, 27 days (4 years, 10 months, 28 days)
  • 155,001,600 (155,088,000) seconds
  • 2,583,360 (2,584,800) minutes
  • 43,056 (43,080) hours
  • 1794 (1795) days
  • 256 weeks (rounded down)

…since my last contact. (I’m not counting that rather useless Stay Tuned post, which I may delete at a later time. It should’ve been a page.) Therefore, we have a lot to cover (or in some cases, relive) so let’s get the show on the road, shall we?

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