Powerpuff Musume ’16 – Kudo Haruka

Kudo Haruka - One and Only

Kudo Haruka – One and Only

Kudo Haruka gained 4 votes in the 10th Gen Ingredients Selection Poll (which started simultaneously to the 9th Gen tiebreakers) to clinch first place. A funny thing happened involving the outfits though:

Due to lack of foresight, I didn’t delete the “repeat choices” of the previous poll from this one. (This did help as it settled the situation with Mizuki’s outfit.) However, this meant that I had to discount certain choices, including the winning one: Sukatto My Heart with 5 votes (63%).

This also means that the runner-up is the technical winner: One and Only with 4 votes (50%).

This, of course, means that Kuduu’s outfit in the series will be from One and Only. Congrats to you, especially after the big Houston concert.

From the get-go, I wanted Kuduu’s image to be as (close to) perfect as possible. You see, I kinda got the sneaking suspicion that she’s not just the most popular member of her generation, but possibly of the entire lineup! (I was surprised yet not so much when I saw Kuduu take the lead… and Masaki be in last place as I had also gotten the impression in the past that she was popular. Then again, who knows?)

To this end, I charged my friends (and myself) with scrutinizing the details of the pic, from the anatomy to the trueness to the design. However, this might’ve been the most difficult of the quintet for one reason… the plaid.

Yes, the plaid. I could’ve drawn it all separately but I thought making a separate plaid “template” and transforming it might’ve been better. …It was still easier said than done.

The things I do for you fans… :’)

(On another note, I kinda liked how the stars (thanks to a layer effect) somewhat resemble the stars on Dragon Balls…. Then again, I’m surrounded by Dragonball Z/Super fans and I admit an affection for Dragonball, Z Kai (if only because of the aforementioned series), GT (*dodges projectiles* my favorite DB character at the time got a lot of screentime in it!), and Super (up until the current arc *dodges more projectiles*).

Oy, you guys take this stuff far too seriously! It’s just a show, guys. You really should just relax. (On that note, I extend that to the H!P fandom… and the Sonic fandom that familiarized me with similar fracturization.)

The Powerpuff Girls (c) Cartoon Network
Art (c) Me

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