Magically Meteoric Creations

iwcakeThis is a gallery of the delicious creations baked specially for the blog. All images link to their respective attachment pages for further information.
(All except the cake that is. Strangely enough, the attachment page doesn’t exist for that one. Sorry.)
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Summer May-May D May-May the Idolpire 6-Month Cake DayThe Soul of the SolsticeM3 Cake Day 2014 -Lucky 7-


Usa-chan and Ryusa-chan - Peace!Berryz Koubou Inspires Art (Cropped Ver.)Idolminded Anniversary 2015Magi-Kake Day 2015100 Posts (Sketch) 100 Posts''A sunny scene. While it's ambiguous whether May-May's affected by the sun or not, I imagine her on the beach with her umbrella keeping her cool in the shade.''M3 Cake Day 2015 -Happy 8-


Suzuki Kanon Ganbatte!Tamura Meimi GanbatteSuzukiKanonGanbatte_tributeTamuraMeimiGanbatte_tribute

Powerpuff Musume ’16

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  1. […] Yayoi Kusuma-fueled spiel about May-May that turned into me spieling about Dracula, I updated the Magically Meteoric Creations page last Thursday to feature these […]


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