Triple Tragedy Triangle: Bad News Comes in Threes or Wake Me Up When September Ends

September 15, 2014

I woke up today, I was crying
Lost in a lost world
So many people are dying
Lost in a lost world

― The Moody Blues, “Lost in a Lost World

EunB. RiSe. Tsukimiya Karen.

Those are the names that will shape this (regrettably belated) meditation. Nevermind the tragedy that has befallen the rest of the world, between the conflict in the Middle East, the security breaches, the changing climate, the Ebola virus, etc. Nevermind the fact this post narrowly escaped being posted on the 11th.

In fact, do mind them, but also go back to those three eternally sleeping beauties for they are the reason this touched us so.

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Requiescat in pace et #PrayForLadiesCore

September 4, 2014

Since many offered their thoughts on this, perhaps it’s time for me to add my two cents.

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Confessions of a Strayed K-Pop Fan

August 1, 2014

While it has been over a decade since I got into J-Pop and the idolatry therein (God forgive me, for I have sinned), it has been longer since I was exposed to the musical and cultural cornucopia that lie in (South) Korea and Chinese-speaking locales.
These are my confessions as a fan who has long strayed off the path.

To go deeper into the K-Pop aspect of my past, I must admit something personal: one big reason I was fascinated by Korean culture and language was because of my fifth grade teacher, who was Korean. Aside from being one of the best teachers ever and a shoulder to cry on (because fifth grade was absolute hell for me for a variety of reasons), she shared some of her culture with her students. She came to America when she was young, but she was still in touch enough with her homeland to share Korean yogurt and a noodle dish whose name escapes me. Those were among my fondest memories and is probably why I’m obsessed with (Far Eastern) Asian culture period.

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