Confessions of a Strayed C-Pop Fan

August 8, 2014

While it has been over a decade since I got into J-Pop and the idolatry therein (God forgive me, for I have sinned), it has been longer since I was exposed to the musical and cultural cornucopia that lie in (South) Korea and Chinese-speaking locales.
These are my confessions as a fan who has long strayed off the path.

Chinese music and culture is a deeper one. As an American, we see it all the time, the images of Chinese culture plastered all over the media. I saw Mulan in theatres and watched Jackie Chan Adventures like most kids (in addition to hearing about his movies). Even eating the staples of Chinese American cuisine, a more regular ritual than Korean yogurt, it was there. However, there was a small phase in my life where I dabbled in the music of the Chinese speaking sort — by which I mean Mandarin and Cantonese. Gotta distinguish here. I had a few names, which diversified towards the peak in 2004. However, one name stuck out in my diverse listening habits: Faye Wong. The lessening of Chinese music in my musical palette lessened when I no longer heard her voice, her material go further. (This is sad as she has decades of treasures to explore. If I can spend the span between Ai Araba It’s All Right and Osaka Koi no Uta listening to Ikimasshoi! and Morning Coffee, I can certainly go through decades of a multilingual Chinese singer who is legendary to Asian music-loving ears.)

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