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May-May the Idolpire

The cute idol vampire mascot of Magic Morning Meteora.

The kernels of inspiration came about in late 2013/early 2014 when (now former) S/mileage ANGERME member Tamura Meimi (nicknamed “Meimei”) was often referred to as “Dracula-chan.” I didn’t for the life of me know why, but it must’ve been because of her “fangs.” Later on, I asked some friends of mine which of Meimei’s past looks were becoming of an (idol) vampire. One picked her Dot Bikini look while the other picked her Ee ka?! look. Then came the task of melding these things together. Fortunately, I love designing characters. I must mention that her leggings, as much as they evoke Dot Bikini, also showcase the influence of one of my favorite artists: Yayoi Kusama.

Her debut actually came in a pic I drew for a friend (which you can see here, but I all but disown it because of how badly I rendered the Total Drama style in my opinion). However, I am more proud of the pic I drew to compliment it (the pic seen at the top of this page), which was meant to be a part of the Precision Past Perspective series. (That is why the dates are so spaced out.)

On that note, the above mentioned pic is dedicated to the Idolminded Community, whom I consider to be her true creators. It is this aspect that led to her being the semi-official mascot of this blog, effectively replacing the character later named “Astra Moonstar.”

Any pic made to represent the blog in some capacity would usually have this cutie, who represents many aspects of idols, the fandom, and the way they intermingle. How idols can be so charming, so alluring. The countless fans (many of whom would identify themselves as “wota”) falling under their spell and depleting themselves of their sanity and (in many cases) money.

It’s akin to Renfield throwing himself at Dracula with us being the former and idols being the latter. There are people outside the community like Dr. Seward, viewing us as curiosities and pitying the fact we spend so much time and energy ogling them. There are even some like Abraham Van Helsing who study the ways of the idol and spread their knowledge (sometimes to our detriment). Then there are those like Mr. Harker, Lord Godalming, and Mr. Morris, who’d gladly drive back the influence of our obsessions.

But enough analysis through literature, have some cute idolpire pics!

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You can view more at M3’s gallery!

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