About M3 and Me

I am an eclectic somewhere in the magically moonlit skies…

About Magi-Kat

Kathryn “Magi-Kat” Barnes was born in Livingston, New Jersey, but lived most of her life in Newark. After graduating from Arts High School as an Art major, she attended Essex County College majoring in Liberal Arts (with the intention of going into an art-based degree upon transfer).

In March 2010, she opened herself up for commission work; this is considered the beginning of her career as a freelance/independent artist. Sadly later in the year, financial difficulties caused her to leave ECC and pursue her career full-time.

After a few mishaps and hiccups, she is ready to take on the world and take the “Magi-Kat” name to a new level.

She is currently developing a webcomic tie-in series starring May-May the Idolpire.

Portfolio | Resume

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About Magic Morning Meteora

Magic Morning Meteora (or M3) is a “magically meteoric” blog about music with a particular focus on Japanese idols, though it is open to other topics.

It started on the Vox platform as Magi-Kat presents “Morning Meteora in October 2007, partially as a result of a desire to blog and a way to apply skills learned in the Creative Writing/Journalism class taken in high school at the time. The title reflected the then-intended focus on Hello! Project (from the mothership group Morning Musume) and Linkin Park (from the second album, Meteora). A month later, the blog began to be covered on fandom news site International Wota (the predecessor to Idolminded).

It is notable for being the first use of the “Magi-Kat” name as a pseudonym after going by “Asukki-chan” for two years.

In March 2009, technical difficulties implemented a star-crossed move from Vox to WordPress. While most of the old content is lost from Vox’s closure (existing only in the Wayback Machine), the WordPress content survives intact to this day.

In February 2014, after four years of inactivity, the blog was revived and sustains to this day. As of December 2016, it has received over 9,000 views (thank you!) and has been regularly featured on Idolminded (until May 2016).

In the future, the name of the blog is going to be officially changed to Magic Morning Meteora (sans the strikeout). The addition of “Magic” stems from how the Vox blog was often reported as “Magic Meteora” on International Wota.

For further explanation, please see the following posts:

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Make Contact with Magi-Kat

If you want to contact me directly and privately, you’re welcome to drop me a line via the following methods:

(Note: I’m really welcome towards commissions. If interested, fill out the form and then we’ll talk.)

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