Momusu M3 Grand Prix – 11/16 Update

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

As Morning Musume faithful are enjoying themselves the City That Never Sleeps (in the aftermath of a snowstorm — please stay safe, guys!), let’s take some time to take a gander at the current status of the Momusu M3 Grand Prix.

Shall we?

Members Tournament

Like a lot of polls, this was settled within the first three days of the poll’s creation. (Rather, in this particular case, it was established within the first day. Why do I continue to have these weekly polls? Pacing. Plus, sometimes the results do change in the latter days.)

Either way…


Fukumura Mizuki, the Bottom Bracket winner, is the champion of the Members Tournament* of the Momusu M3 Grand Prix! Congrats, Mizupon!

Singles Tournament

The Singles Tournament has a bit to go before deciding a champion. (Taking the polls off Twitter was a mistake.)

It’s all open from here regarding the Singles Tournament**. However, in the interest of achieving a winner, I’ve decided to have a do-over. However, due to limitations (Twitter only allows four choices), once these polls end, another one will be held to truly decide a winner.

Now, I realize the timing may be a tad inconvenient: impending concert aside, there’s the fact Thanksgiving and Black Friday are on the horizon in the States (where a good portion of the readership is located). There’s also the fact a snowstorm just went through the NYC area (my neck of the woods, which is in northern New Jersey, already had gotten 3+ inches on Thursday) so that’ll make things extra hectic for the Faithful. Like I said before, if you’re going (and if you are, I doubt you’ll be reading this since you’ll likely be doing other things), stay safe! Then again, the snow has moved away and… yeah.

As such, in light of the conditions, I’m going to hold off on the Singles Final Runoff. (It’d probably be shortened, given how these polls have been turning out. Plus, the holiday.)

Final Thoughts

Uh, yeah, not much to report here. See you in the next update. Here’s hoping I post something here besides these things. There’s also the last Anniversary Review Vote, which ends later this month.

Thank you very much for your understanding and support.


*Full name being Momusu Member “Sekai Ranking TOP Mezase!” Tourney. Yeah.
**Full name being Momusu Singling Out Tourney.

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One Response to Momusu M3 Grand Prix – 11/16 Update

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