They Lift: The Strongest Idols (That Aren’t Ice Fairies)

UpLIFTing idols that will leave you swole with kawaii. 💪

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe, and welcome to the final installment of Magic Metal Meteora.


“A celebration of J-idols on the rock,” this series is meant to highlight the alternative idol scene, a particular kind of idol that has struck a chord in a lot of people.

We end this month with an act related to the previously discussed LADYBABY. Remember Ladybeard? Remember when he left LADYBABY in 2016? Well, when he did so, he wouldn’t be out of the idol ring long.

You see, in early 2017, the kawaiicore wrestler would team up with another strong idol: bodybuilder/wrestler Saiki Reika. Ever since then, the duo’s been dominating the scene and getting lots of pop from the crowd.

I’d say more, but Yes Tiger!’s Brita and her guest Adam give far more details about them than I ever could… (Seriously, check out their chat.)

How appropriate I say this with WVGCW on the way. On that note, given my very obvious love of wrestling, I’m probably not too surprised by the group’s gimmick.

With all of that in mind… let’s dig into some DEADLIFT LOLITA and see if they are indeed the Strongest Idols. (Insert Cirno joke here. Also, thanks to me having to push back this post’s publishing, it missed being posted on a day in which you can add the numbers to form 9! What a ⑨!)


Six Pack Twins is their first release, which is the perfect “introduction” to the fledgling “muscle idol” group.

Featuring heavy-fitting coupled with a lyrics about a connection between soulmates and their abs. Befitting DLL’s gimmick, expect to see a lot of wres, bodybuilding, and such in their MVs and lives.

Makes sense, given how idols and wrestlers have quite a few things in common: gimmicks/personas/characters that can be evocative of certain personalities, a nuanced blend of staged antics and real-life realness (especially in the mainstream scene; the perception of cheesiness is one big thing alternative idols are rebelling against).

Kimiterasu Sairiumu

Kimiterasu Sairiumu is a love letter to “otagei” (the high-energy dance movements with penlights) and the general wota experience. (Newsroom Tokyo did a “Pick And Search” segment on it in 2017!) It encapsulates the energy (and reality) of the idol experience in a high-pulsing way that gets you pumped.

Heck, some of these calls are mentioned in Yes Tiger!’s call guide that was made for East Meets West.

I’m not gonna lie: while DEADLIFT LOLITA’s material is full of gems, this one took a while for it to grow on me. However, this particular one may just be my favorite song by them now as it’s one that has spoken to me in recent days. In said days, I’ve found myself faltering in regards to my love of idols (particularly with one ensemble) and somewhat lost in sheer chaos going on in nerddom and fandom. (Plus, things going on in my life that have been running me ragged. As much fun as August was, it has been a stressful month for me.)

One other possible reason is the second verse, which speaks of the frustration (and acceptance) that comes with an outgoing oshi…

I don’t think my favourite member will be here forever
One of buddies [sic] has already stopped coming
My beloved member’s gonna have to graduate sometime
but for right now, I can watch her

If you’re familiar with recent Hello! Project news, you can imagine why those particular lines would stick out to me now.

Either way, it’s a great song that gets you pumping — and makes the idol fans among us proud for being who we are. Don’t be afraid to mark out for your favorites!


PUMP UP JAPAN is a number designed to lift up the spirits of Japan and anyone else feeling brought down by life’s struggles. After all…

Instead of complaining
let’s find a good direction to head in!

The MV is equally full of DLL’s delightful quirkiness and energetic message, delivered with the enthusiasm of a fitness trainer. You get lost in the message of “take delight in the great days of now for they’ll be the good old days of tomorrow” to even think of anything else (like wondering if you’re watching the J-pop equivalent of a Village People MV).

Muscle Cocktail

Muscle Cocktail is the title track to their first CD release (SIX PACK TWINS and Kimiterasu Sairiumu being coupling tracks).

This particular one (co-written by Ladybeard) is an ode to protein drinks that are certainly a constant with athletic types. (Seriously, the Cho Aniki games are about intergalactic incidents involving proteins.) Of course, underneath it all is a message that keep becoming stronger as a result of our struggles. (Seeing a pattern yet?)

No More Tears

As described on their FB page:

What makes you want to give up? Your friends, your family, your dreams…. at what point are they no longer important?

When you find yourself at your lowest point, when quitting seems like your only option, this song is for you. Please listen to the lyrics of this song and contemplate your situation. Hopefully, we can lend you a little strength.

(This particular one has lyrics penned by Ladybeard himself.)

Sporting an MV (crowdfunded via CAMPFIRE) that is quiet befitting the “unexpected side” of DLL often mentioned. Indeed, the song is more in line with modern EDM that you’d expect from other acts. The aesthetic is also unexpected, the non-dance shots having Reika and Beard-chan looking like they’re living the high life (or were. Who pooped on their party?).

Either way, it was unexpected.

It’s Sou Time

If there was one song that qualifies as my favorite alongside Kimiterasu Sairiumu, it would be It’s Sou Time. The message that despite what life throws at us, we grow from our missteps. We grow strong from surviving our adversity, never losing sight of who we are.

The song’s message shows itself in the dramatic footage that begins the “main” MV: Ladybeard injuring his head during a performance in Spain, but the group overcoming it become stronger as they put on an unforgettable show the day afterward. So much pop!

Interspersed with the beauty of Madrid, it highlights that with hardship comes glory.

Closing Thoughts

When Ladybeard (already super-over among wrestling, crossdressing, and idol fans) left LADYBABY, there were some doubts about the future. As highlighted last week, the group he left is in good hands (in my opinion). As for Beard-chan himself, like I said, he returned to the ring — and did he ever. DEADLIFT LOLITA bursted into the ring and gave out kayfabe charm. How can you not like these babyfaces, tagging in for us when life has us in a submission hold?

Magic Metal Meteora
Yeah, I think this is a tad inaccurate at this point…

And so we come to the end of Magic Metal Meteora. Throughout the month, we’ve covered two seminal groups that laid the groundwork for the scene and two related acts that embody their impact. Now, these are far from the only groups to ever graced the alternative idol scene. You can look at that with the various other groups/soloists that they tour with!

In fact, you can get a good list through that link I keep posting. Who knows I may come down the horizon? Well, one way to find out is by keeping up with the Magic Metal Meteora tag (via RSS or Atom RSS).

Anyway, until next time. 🤘

Keep getting stronger!

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