Lovely Riding into the Sunset


Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Today is a special post (at this rate, every post will be special) as this review is the result of the first Anniversary Review Vote. As noted last week, Buono’s sophomore single Ren’ai♥Rider won by a landslide 5 votes.


So without further ado, let’s dig into Buono! #2 and ride off into the sunset!

Ren’ai♥Rider (Love♥Rider)

The Song

If Buono! was known for anything (especially among their singles), it’s rock. Granted, this is partially to go with Amu’s own punk/Yankii aesthetic (which actually plays into Shugo Chara’s plot), but still… Buono! is heavily associated with rock. One review of Renai Rider from the time it came out compared it to the work of Puffy (a sentiment I can kinda see, having listened to them in my early teens).

Anyway, this song exudes the rocking charm of this legendary trio, spouting an up-front (pun not intended) declaration of love and facing through difficulty.

As long as we’re in love the road will be rocky
Keep running, hey! Novice rider
Run through youth’s wilderness, more strongly
Straight into the sunset
As long as I’m in love, I’ll be full of inconsistencies
Keep riding, hey! Novice Rider
A road at sunset; Ride the wasteland of youth
stronger and stronger
Credit to KiwiMusume. Credit to the ProjectHello team.


The PV

The dance shot have our girls in a white space with a checkered floor near them. Behind them are two lined umbrellas with the Buono! logo between them. All of this creates a fabulous stage, giving the impression that our girls are being photographed/filmed (if the camera flashes are anything to go by). The umbrellas are also where the close-ups are shot, giving us a clear glimpse of the girls.

In addition, we are treated to a visual spectacle of Buono! “racing” each other on tiny bikes (trike in the case of Momoko). This occurs in a colorful space full of retro chic, circles and arrows full of vividness and mutedness. (There is also a tropical bit to go with Momoko’s lines having a ukulele. Aloha!) The circles form the epicenter of the motif of the MV’s other shots, the general retro-chic aesthetic oozing throughout the entire thing.

It’s certainly that splash of color that set it apart from the more muted, “realistic” atmosphere of its predecessor.

And I can’t believe I forgot about those heart eyes in the bridge~!

In Conclusion


(As this single was released in 2008, it is not subject to the changes in sales reporting as implemented by Oricon in Fall 2016.

All figures reported in this section are from the Hello! Project Wikia with the percentage and average mathematics done by moi.

Of course, if a piece of idol music really touches you, does it matter that much how well it sells? It does to some people, which is one reason I do this…)

The single has a Total Reported Sales figure of 35,254. 85.857% (30,268) of this comes from the first week while 25.943% (9,146) comes from the first day. The single has a first-day Daily Rank of 3, a first-week Week Rank of 7, and a 2008 Year Rank of 204.

For comparison sake:

  • Honto no Jibun‘s Total Reported Sales was 42,035. This is a -16.132% difference from its successor.
  • Their next single, Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!, has a Total Reported Sales figure of 36,675. This is a -3.875% difference from its predecessor.

Despite how beloved this single is, Ren’ai♥Rider was the group’s lowest-selling single until Gachinko de Ikou! (Don’t pay too much attention to that because many singles have since taken their place. Their current lowest-seller is… their most recent one, So La Si Do ~Nee Nee~.)

Closing Thoughts

Wow, what a blast from the past.

I must also admit that given the fact this single came out in early February (meaning this MV would’ve come out in January), this may have been the “Buono influence” I mentioned in the description for January Magi-Kat (which you can now see on Tumblr and Instagram, in addition to its original place on DeviantArt).

While it was certainly made for the Valentine season, its message of loving warts and all remains true today. Life is a long, winding, bumpy road that we all must ride. However, we must ride bravely towards the horizon in spite of it.

No wonder Buono! won the first Anniversary Review Vote. Congratulations to the legends! Can they win the next one?

Until then…

Keep riding on~!
— Magi-Kat

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