M3 Project Announcement: 20 Years of Fun

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

As I was planning for 2018, it occurred that despite H!P hitting a landmark year, not much is done. Plus, a couple of tournaments I had intended to start in 2017 (during Momusu’s 20th anniversary year) were left on the backburner.

This’ll be handled here and now.

Anniversary Review Vote – Q1 2008

As for the celebration of H!P’s 20th, I’ve decided to open a vote among a few singles from 10 years ago. The winner will be reviewed later in the current blogging period.

Voting ends March 1, 2018 at 11:00am at 16:00 UTC / 11:00am EST. Calculate your local time here.

M3 Grand Prix – Momusu Edition

Back in August, an idea came into my head: inspired by the various polls held on the Hello! Project Wikia, along with the Character Battles held on GameFAQs, I wanted to inject some festive fun during the landmark year. Of course, this was when things were hella quiet and a hurricane of moods were swirling around H!P and its fandom.

This was delayed a bit by the announcement of the 64th single, this throwing the singles bracket into a tizzy. By the time I could’ve been able to run the tournament, it still had some logistical issues.

Now, I’m ready to run it (even if it feels like I’m bombarding you with POLLS, POLLS, POLLS) and so, I present to you… the M3 Grand Prix, Momusu Edition! It comes in two flavors: the singles-oriented Singling Out Tourney and the member-oriented Member “Sekai Ranking TOP Mezase” Tourney.

The current round (First Round) will run from the time this post gets published to January 31 at 6am Eastern Time (11:00 UTC).

Singling Out Tourney

Member “Sekai Ranking TOP Mezase” Tourney

Thank you in advance for your support and here’s to the future! …Here’s hoping it’s pleasant.

Until next time!

4 Responses to M3 Project Announcement: 20 Years of Fun

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  3. […] you’d know that we’re approaching the home stretch regarding that event. Yeah… that little dual-tournament announced back in January is nearing its end. Can you believe […]


  4. […] In January 2018, I announced the Momusu M3 Grand Prix, a dual tournament of members and singles dedicated to Morning Musume’s (and Hello! Project’s) 20th anniversary. (Given the festivities have been extended into 2019, it turns out my belated festivities are right on the dot.) […]


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