Final Quarter of 2017 ☾

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

It’s that time of year again, when we get reflective of the past 300+ days. A lot has happened this year, which entailed numerous ups and downs. I got a bit into it during the Charisma, Kirei review, but this year was both exciting and draining.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the Final Quarter of 2017 (and a look at 2018)! 

Top 20s of 2017

Due to the increasing possibility confirmed reality that there will be no Annual Report this year, I took it upon myself to provide a few comprehensive lists to fill in the gap.

Like last year, this post will be part of a series of posts centered around reflecting upon the year, which includes a much-belated round-up of blog posts from the last quarter and a triad of Top 20s. You can take glance a look at the Tumblr posts below (or the links in the previous sentence).

New Releases

Ah yes, the main event of any idol collective (besides the lives): the releases. With H!P being as large and diverse as it is, there’s a lot of releases to go around for anyone. Below are just the majority of the releases for the year with reviews linked in their name.

February 8: Good Boy Bad Girl / Peanut Butter Jelly Love – Country Girls
February 22: Hatsukoi Sunrise / Just Try! / Uruwashi no Camellia – Tsubaki Factory
March 8: BRAND NEW MORNING / Jealousy Jealousy – Morning Musume ’17
March 29: To Tomorrow / Final Squall / The Curtain Rises – ℃-ute
April 26: Jidanda Dance / Feel! Kanjiru yo – Juice=Juice
June 14: Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa / Ee ja nai ka Ninja nai ka – Kobushi Factory
June 21: Ai Sae Areba Nanni mo Iranai / Namida Iro no Ketsui / Majokko Megu-chan– ANGERME
July 26: Shuukatsu Sensation / Waratte / Hana Moyou – Tsubaki Factory
October 4: Jama Shinai de Here We Go! / Dokyuu no Go Sign / Wakain da shi! – Morning Musume ’17

Special Mentions

  • June 30: Inoue no Uta – Inoue Rei, Inoue Hikaru
    July 28: Minmin Rock ‘n’ Roll! – Funaki Musubu, Yokoyama Reina
  • August 23: Fiesta! Fiesta! – Juice=Juice
  • November 3: Ai no Tane (20th Anniversary Ver.) – Morning Musume 20th
    November 30: Gosenfu no Tasuki – Morning Musume ’17
  • And so many more…

Gains and Losses

What would a good idol collective be without lineup changes? 2016 has seen its share of additions and graduations, some more dramatic and publicized than others.

Gains (+21)

  • Shimakura Rika, Hibi Marina, Eguchi Saya, Doi Rena, Okamura Minami, Matsunaga Riai, Yamada Ichigo, and Nakayama Natsume (Hello Pro Kenshuusei, March; +8)
  • Morito Chisaki (Morning Musume ’17, June; +1)
  • Danbara Ruru and Yanagawa Nanami (Juice=Juice, June; +2)
  • Kawamura Ayano and Funaki Musubu (ANGERME, June; +2)
  • Ichioka Reina (future group, June; +1)
  • Shutto Anna, Kubota Nanami, Kanemitsu Ruru, Matsubara Yuriya, Hashimoto Momoko, Goto Sayaka and Tamenaga Shion (Hello Pro Kenshuusei, December; +7)

Losses (-12*)

  • Yoshida Marie (Hello Pro Kenshuusei, March; -1)
  • Buono! (Hello! Project, May; *Given that one third of the group technically graduated from H!P at this point with the other two thirds following suit next month, I didn’t count Buono! in the total “losses.”)
  • C-ute (Hello! Project, June; -5)
  • Tsugunaga Momoko (Country Girls/Hello! Project, June; -1)
  • Fujii Rio (Kobushi Factory/Hello! Project, July; -1)
  • Ogawa Rena (Kobushi Factory/Hello! Project, September; -1)
  • Taguchi Natsumi (Kobushi Factory/Hello! Project, December; -1)
  • Kudo Haruka (Morning Musume ’17/Hello! Project, December; -1)
  • Aikawa Maho (ANGERME/Hello! Project, December; -1)

Plans for 2018

Just as much as I had intentions for 2017 (just about most of which I’ve fulfilled, looking back), I have plans for the year ahead:

10,000 Views Milestone Post

Sometime in the fall, the blog had gotten over 10,000 views! To celebrate I was going to review a single by Up-Up Girls, namely their 19th indies one: Beautiful Dreamer / Zenryoku! Pump Up!! -ULTRA Mix- / Itadaki wo Mezase!, the first to reach over 10,000 in sales.


My intention is to publish the milestone review on January 7, 2018 at 10:40pm EST (January 8 at 3:40 UTC). Failing that, I’ll shoot for January 11 at 11:00am EST (16:00 UTC)

So look forward to that!

Ping Pong Pinpoint: Inaba Manaka, Aikawa Maho saga, Sugaya Risako

Hey, remember when I’d do these digests for topics too small to justify their own post? Yeah, I kinda forgot about that sort of thing myself. Since these stories are a tad on the small side (and I’m already piling up quite a few), I decided to put these topics together.

Hello! Project Shin Member Audition

One thing that won’t be covered in a “Ping Pong Pinpoint” digest is the Hello! Project Shin Member Audition (aka the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Shin Member Audition). That topic is too big and important to be delegated to a small section of another post.

Don’t Bother a Young Dreadnaught’s Go Sign!


Pretty much every major single release this year (and a digital side-project) was covered on the blog. All… except one.

One casualty of my extended burnout was Morning Musume ’17’s final single under this moniker, which holds immense signficance: in addition to celebrating the 20th anniversary of the group and being the debut single of 14th Gen member/Country Girls loan Morito Chisaki, it is the final single of the Duu.

Speaking of Duu…

Kudo Haruka tribute


One planned post that fell by the wayside was a tribute to the then-graduating Kudo Haruka, titled What Can I Do?: A Celebration of Duu.

In the spirit of the solo exhibition held in honor of Tamura Meimi and Suzuki Kanon, it was to be one dedicated to the Duu and show appreciation. One piece is already part of that show: the One and Only-themed piece from the Powerpuff Musume ’16 series.

Once the proper amount of pieces are allocated, expect that to be a thing.

H!P 20th Anniversary Celebration

While I’ll go into more detail come the official post, I decided to bring some more fun into things during the landmark year. Morning Musume marked their 20th year of existence and now it’s the rest of H!P’s turn to celebrate. To mark the occasion (along with extend some 10th anniversary festivities here), I decided to do a special review of a single from 2008 every quarter.

Observant readers may notice that a release is missing. Hmm…

While the voting period won’t officially begin for a while, it will end March 1, 2018 at 11:00am at 16:00 UTC / 11:00am ESTCalculate your local time here. You’re more than welcome to get your vote in now.

“What Basic Premises Inform Your Blog?” A 2017 Perspective and Help a Blogger Out: A TLS Survey, MorniMete Style 2017

To go with the 10th anniversary (along with update those posts), I intend to publish a revised version of “What Basic Premises Inform Your Blog?” and Help a Blogger Out: A TLS Survey, MorniMete Style to better reflect the current state of the blog.

I intend to have them up by the end of May (which is six months early for one of these).

CSS: The Results Show


No mention of future projects could possibly be complete without the results of the C-ute Memorial Survey!

From (April to) June to September, fans let their voices be heard one last time to immortalize the impact of C-ute, who disbanded about a week or so after the Survey’s official release Well, come next year, things are going to be somewhat different. However, it’ll be exciting all the same. Please look forward to the show come February!

M3 10th Anniversary Comic Project

May-May the Idolpire

I can’t believe I neglected to put this in! Among my more artistic projects, this was one that’s been on my mind for a while. One reason was… admittedly enough, difficulties I ran into drafting the first chapter (no doubt partially due to rustiness in regards to comic production. My last major comic project ran from 2005-2007, my most recent semi-regular comic project being back in 2010, and my most recent comic projects period were simple guest strips from 2014 and 2016. On that note, I must thank the audience of my most recent guest spot for partially convincing me to focus on my personal projects).

However, sitting my drafts for months were the next four entries in the M3 10th Anniversary Project Production Red Diary (one of which revealing the name the final project will go by!). I haven’t posted them were due to busyness (obvious reasons), fatigue (sorry), and my desire to make enough to post for an entire blogging period. Given my desire to post them during the Fall (Q4) period, that meant that 8 entries were needed for that purpose… which was obviously twice of what I had.

Good thing I made that masterpost, eh?

Final Thoughts

In 2018, my focus will be somewhat divided as I’ll be managing the blog and working on the comic. Speaking of art, take a look at this piece:

Similar to what I’ve done on Tumblr last year, but I’m willing to open it up here: Have any suggestions for future topics? I’m also open for questions and suggestions regarding me or M3. Feel free to drop me a line in…

Here’s to a year more magical than the last!

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