Life is one time: Unfinished Business with Unfinished Mandarins (yum!)

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!


Welcome to another special review where I revisit old blog topics. Last time, we talked about the topic of my first review. Now, we’re going to talk about the first Morning Musume review I’ve done. (How fitting I do this in anniversary years.)

Like last time, content from the original post are quoted.


The Song

Following in the footsteps of the successful “Aruiteru,” this year-ender is an uplifting piece sporting a juicy beat and a message to “live life to the fullest because you only live once.” It’s sweet, up-tempo, and sure to bring a smile to your face. (This was quite welcoming in light of the previous two singles, “Kanashimi Twilight” and “Onna ni Sachi Are,” which were the beginning waves of a period of Momusu’s history (which this single is actually sandwiched in) where a lot of angry/sad (or just more mature, as is the case with “Pepper Keibu,” another sandwiched piece) songs were at the forefront, leading to the term “Emo Musume.”

Ironically, most of this came during my blogging hiatus, when I couldn’t be making “Crawling Musume” jokes through it all. (No, I’m not bringing up the irony of that song being my all-time least favorite song by that band.)

Moving on!

As for the title’s meaning (which is expanded upon in the MV), it explained (as per the H!P Wikia) as such:

The song’s title was chosen in accordance to the habit of eating mandarin oranges while sitting by a kotatsu, as a representation of each member’s childhood memories.

The MV

As you all know, the “Mikan” PV is out and we’ve been harvesting Morning Musume’s latest fruit crop. I heard so many comments on the space theme and the adorable little orange in the background (what? It’s cute!). Also, I heard it’s “cheap.”

Now for Magi-Kat’s take on the issue. I can’t find any way to fully describe how wonderful this PV looks. This reveals a lot more than that radio rip did and I look forward to adding this song to my collection. For example:

It’s set in a bright (greenscreened) cityscape, illuminated to evoke the “morning of a journey” and the hope it brings. Amongst the buildings is one with a clear mandarin orange-shaped top, standing bright and proud among the sea of metallics. In some shots, the buildings change their display, showing a present-day (at the time) member and later their childhood self.

• The baby pictures. They really shows how much the girls have changed in their years. Plus, it contributes to the cute factor.

The close-up shots continue the sense of hope, with group shots having a trio (or duo) of members surrounded by a rainbow.

Starting in the second verse, we see Morning Musume sitting on top of the world looking at all creation, either chatting amongst themselves, star-gazing, or just enjoying each others’ company.

• The “Earth” scenes add some depth to the song and the PV. It’s like they’re looking at “the big picture,” realizing that they only have one time to live (I sound so disorganized).

• Everything else! (I can’t find a good way to describe the other things I like about it without sounding monotonous. Heck, I barely find anything wrong with it. This is probably the best Morning Musume PV of the entire year!)

Okay, so I sorta lied about not “finding any way to fully describe how wonderful this PV looks.” After all, isn’t this what this entry’s about? (FOr [sic] some reason, this entry feels unfinished, no pun intended).

Closing Thoughts

Sadly enough (for those who care about sales), Mikan would have the dubious honor of being Morning Musume’s worst-selling single for a little more than 4 years. What broke the streak, you ask?


…As of this writing, Pyoko Pyoko Ultra is still Morning Musume’s lowest-selling single.

…I just realized that this the debut single of the one Musume who is graduating in less than a month. Curse you, Karma! (Then again, it may have been Vindicated By History for this reason, judging by some posts on Tumblr about how much the 10th Gen have grown from “chicks.”)

Anyway, this is Magi-Kat signing off and remember, “life is one time”!

…I have nothing to add to that. What better way to close it off?

Stay fresh!

Edit: While you guys may already know this, this title refers to the childhood memory of eating mandarin oranges while sitting under a kotatsu, representing the memories of its members. (Thank you various hints and Wikipedia for that). Perfect for the celebration of life as it is.

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