Welcome ANGERME! The Invitation from Around the World

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Back in April, I signal boosted a fan project for the ANGERME faithful. The deadline for submissions passed in early October and a few weeks later (as of the 17th), the final product is finally here as the finished video is now on YouTube!

(Appropriately enough, this comes at the end of the first leg of Juice=Juice’s global trek.)


Featuring 35 submissions from 14 countries, Welcome ANGERME! ~Invitation from all over the world~ is a treat for the heart that shows the immense love that fans have.

Whether you’re from the countries that submitted—Argentina (1), France (11), Netherlands/Holland (2), Mexico (3), Thailand (1), UK (3, including 2 from England), Finland (1), Chile (1), USA (5, including ones from California and Florida), Peru (2), Poland (2), Germany (1), Romania (1), Brazil (1)—or not, take pride in the fact that the fandom is so global. (Seriously, the Japanese fandom was floored when they saw this, even joining in the chorus.)


We’ll see if it’ll reach the Crying Angel Choir. For now, enjoy the video and please share it around.

Cheers to Maroussia for organizing the project, the 30+ fans who submitted to the project, and (most of all) to ANGERME and all of Hello! Project for inspiring it in the first place!

Until the next one,


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  1. Reblogged this on Magi-Kat Creates and commented:

    I made a piece that was featured in this!


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