Frosty Reflections

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!


It’s that time of year again, Ice Fairy Appreciation Day. In 2015, I talked about their genesis and progress (up to that point), highlighting how far they’ve come. (As we know, this was very timely as Sayashi Riho would announce her graduation almost two months afterwards.)

In 2016, down two Fairies via graduations, the first wave of the Powerpuff Musume ’16 series was unveiled to commemorate the day.

This year is the 20th anniversary of Morning Musume, a group that has been a staple for a little more than half my life now. (It feels so weird to say that now….) The poll below (which you can vote in!) illustrates that clearly.

Now, why do I give so much preference towards the 9th Gen? Mainly for lulz (fandom holiday and all), but also… there’s a certain uniqueness to them for me.

I get it. Watching the journey from beginning to end, from audition to graduation. There’s a certain connection, a bond that forms. It’s like being part of the journey.


It’s like with v-u-den. Remembering how long it’s been since they were around forces me to remember how long it’s been since I was in high school. (They were formed a month before I started Freshman year and disbanded the week of my graduation. As someone said in a reply, the group reminds me of school days. As much as I wanted to disagree with her… in the end, she’s right. I wanted to put high school behind me and I seem to always forget about v-u-den — and I liked that group!)


I feel for those who watched the 1st-8th Gen from audition to graduation. (Technically, I should’ve been there for the 7th and 8th Gen auditions, but I wasn’t.) It didn’t stop me from liking the members (I count them as among my faves to this day), but there’s a certain place in my heart for the 9th Gen. (Being able to let my Touhou nerd out in regards to them, boosted by the fact they were a powerhouse Gen from the start, certainly helped.)

Hello! Project is in a bad state right now, between the scandals and reshuffling and all. (At least we have good news in the form of Manakan’s return.) Even I admit that given the sheer quiet (never wish for big news. Enjoy the calm), I had considered shifting gears a bit. Part of me was also fatigued from the sheer… borderline X-Pac Heat H!P was getting.

“For their 20th anniversary, I wish they’d disband.”

“She should LEAVE for having a boyfriend!” (Okay, that was about Renako, but you get my point, right?)



Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon, I hope you two are well in your lives now.


Fukumura Mizuki, Ikuta Erina, stay cool in the midst of all of this heat. Let the storm rage on because as you’ve shown through these years, the cold never bothered you anyway.


Actually, all of you let the storm rage on for as Ice Fairies, you’re not bothered by the chill — you make the chill.

Your legacy is assured, as the results of this Wikia poll has shown in this “Favorite Member” poll for 9th-14th Gen members:

  • Suzuki Kanon (35 Votes)
  • Sayashi Riho (12 Votes)
  • Fukumura Mizuki (8 Votes)
  • Ikuta Erina (7 Votes)


Thank you for being there and sharing your energy.

Stay frosty!

7 Responses to Frosty Reflections

  1. NK says:

    I would vote in the poll, but I don’t have Facebook access at the moment. I would be in the 10 year range; it’s been a great 10 years. I think Hello! Project has helped me to better deal with change in all aspects of my life.


  2. Chanting says:

    I feel very much the same way. The 9th Gen has a special place in my heart for seeing them right from audition to graduation. It’s a rather amazing experience. I saw bits and pieces of the 8th Gen auditions, but I think I only started fully investing in MM with my sis around Yoshi’s grad and pandas’ addition to the mothership (and then I ran back out mid-Platinum era, ack).

    The 9th Gens brought me right back in to what I loved about H!P, but I’ve mentioned it a couple of times – Zukki just charmed her way to my heart. Girl was precious and still was right up until her graduation! T___T


  3. […] I’m at a loss for what to say (to the point that this post was almost delayed because of my inability to think of such things. May also be the fact I sometimes work on this post late at night). Could it be burnout? Could it be I touched upon some of it in the Cirno Day Ice Fairy Appreciation Day post I made a few days ago? […]


  4. […] the 20th anniversary of Morning Musume, which fell within the month. As such, the spotlight post (Frosty Reflections) was a more reflective piece about the 9th Gen’s place in Momusu […]


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