Shalala, Who Cares? REAL Ninjas Can Do It!

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How is everyone today/night? After the somewhat heavy posts last week, it’s time to attempt some form of normalcy. Then again, given the past few months’ events, especially with the spotlight group of this month, no discussion of said events is complete without a look into their latest single, whose release cycle and tie-in have been swept up into these events.

So without further ado, let’s dig into Kobushi Factory #4! Believe it!


Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa

The Song

This A-side is a rocker, continuing the trend of past Kobushi Factory singles. However, there’s a gung-ho fun in the ska punk flavor this particular track has. I almost want to grind rails at Metal Harbor.

Granted, at this point, these sorts of songs are nothing new for H!P (especially for Kobushi Factory). Some may find it bland and uninteresting (and even I did, at first, if only because I couldn’t give the song the proper attention at the time of its reveal).

Anyway, the lyrics speak of a can-do attitude and a desire to do anything as much as we can “before the time limit.” Live life to the fullest, even with the rainfall because there will be a blue sky someday.

The PV

The MV is centered around a live concert, images of which was only shown throughout the vid becomes prominent around the break. Planning the promos, rehearsing the dance, doing promo work like handing out fliers and hanging posters…

I must also point out that there was a call for fanclub members to appear in the video come May, further adding to the MV’s theme. (Of course, it means that the concert is as staged as all get out, but we all know that part of being a fan of J-idols is acknowledging the kayfabe. We don’t need reminders of how wrestling’s J-idoling’s fake, okay?)

Eejanaika Ninjanaika

The Song

This A-side is more of a jazzy affair, reflective of the hijinks in the movie. The movie is a comedy of sorts, filled with ninja nonsense about high school girls caught between wanting to live normal lives and their mission to assassinate their enemies. After all, real ninjas are stealthy assassins at their core.

The PV

The MV is set at what looks to be a club/discotheque (the same one that Juice=Juice had their “YOLO MV,” according to a thenumber244 that I’ve had a b💛💛💛h of a time finding). In addition to the sheer light show in the (fake) neon cityscape, we see our ninja gals goofing off with ninja hijinks.

To say nothing of the movie scenes, which further the connection. Heartwarming scenes of friendship, hilarious scenes, deathly serious scenes of SRS NINJA BSNSS, all sell it to us. (Did I mention that the movie is made by Toei, the same folks we have to thank for Super Sentai and Kamen Rider? Given how ninjas have been a regular theme with SS (KakurangerHurricaneger, Ninninger) and the sheer amount of cheese that is going on in the movie (judging by the scenes), I eagerly await the crossover between the JK Ninja Girls and Super Sentai… even though it’ll be a tad weird as the space-themed Kyuranger is the current series and thus you’ll have to do some weaving around. Then again, if Manoeri and Mikitty can land roles in Kamen Rider and a Canary Club member became a Ranger… eh, enough of that.)

One spotlight is the slight shout out to Sakura Night Fever‘s MV during Inoue Rei’s dramatic solo after the bridge.

In Conclusion


(I would like to remind people that sometime in Fall 2016, Oricon changed the rules of its reporting so if sales figures look a tad wonky, this is why. This is also why Oricon Rankings are placed in their own subsection as shown below.

All figures reported in this section are from the Hello! Project Wikia with the percentage and average mathematics done by moi.)

Before I say anything, I must point out that this single has a particular milestone attached to it: as of this writing, this is currently the One Punch Mags’ lowest selling single (the honor previously held by their second major single with a 42.43% difference). Ouch. You’d think given that it’s a tie-in to a movie that is based on a musical they were in that the single would’ve done better.

I hope the movie does well. Then again, there’s also the fact it was released weeks after Fujii Rio’s contract termination and the announcement of Ogawa Rena’s hiatus (which many say was more the result of a boyfriend scandal than an “anxiety neurosis” diagnosis). (The single was released on June 14 while the movie was released on July 17, three days after Rena’s announcement. There goes my theory that the scandal(s?) had anything to do with the poor sales.)

Oricon Rankings

The One Punch Mags’ ninja-tastic single had a “total reported sales figure” of 23,593, 95.34% (22,493) of it from the the first week and 78.63% (18,550) from the first day. It ranked #3 for Daily Ranking, #4 for Weekly Ranking, and achieved a Month Rank of 19 for the month of June, averaging out to a mean rank of 8.6.

Non-Oricon Rankings

In Recochoku Music Video Rankings, the single achieved an average Daily Rank of 9.5 and Weekly Rank of 31.5. Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa’s Daily Rank and Weekly Rank were 12 and 37 respectively and Ee ja nai ka Ninja nai ka’s were 7 and 26. The Monthly Rank is currently unknown.

In “Other Chart Rankings,” Magnolia Faithful will be pleased to know that the single achieved a mean peak rank of 3.5. The highest position for the SoundScan Japan Single Sales was #3 with 32,267. Meanwhile, the highest position on the Billboard JAPAN Top Singles Sales chart was #4 with 34,222.

Closing Thoughts

This single…. This single…. Between the “You can do this!” attitude of “Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa” and the fun of “Ee ja nai ka Ninja nai ka,” this release is both the beginning and end of a chapter in Kobushi Factory’s history. Now that we’re caught up, it’s time to look towards the future, especially with how H!P is turning out.

Next Time on Magnolia Month: Ding Dong Dell. Hikarei’s in the Well…

Next Time on Vanilla M3: Floral-Patterned Job-Hunting with a Smile

Until the Next One!

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