Her Name was RioRio: Graduation Triangle Complete

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now: Kobushi Factory subleader Fujii Rio will be graduating. Soon.

My initial reaction was basically South Kai in first scene in the Broly Abridged Movie (particularly 0:22-0:32… or 0:48. Also, language warning. Then again, if you’re familiar with Team Four Star’s work this may not be necessary).

Yeah… I took a quasi-hiatus from Twitter for the sake of my sanity (don’t ask) and despite getting weird vibes of something akin to this, especially regarding Fujii Rio (I honestly don’t why these things happen!), this was out of left field even for me.

Now that things have calmed down… let’s see.


So… Rio’s going to graduate this summer to study to become a nurse. Cheers to her!

I know some of you might roast me like Memorial Day barbecue because I’m not in hysterics (or even saying “Cheers!” but casual reminder that I love all of H!P), but… as I’ve mentioned in the previous post involving the other recent graduation announcements, the initial shock turned to excitement and now… it’s petered out. I’m all for idols heading out and finding new paths in their lives. They’re allowed that. They’ve had their fun in the idol spotlight and want to explore new directions, especially since they’re at a time of their life where they’re allowed (if not, expected) to do that.

But Kath, she’s been in the Kenshuusei program for years and two years isn’t nearly enough time to make a mark in the idol world. Four singles, an album, and a play? It’s too soon! Something must be up!

Again, you may think two years isn’t enough, but she still spent time as an idol. Be glad Rio is graduating after a period of deliberation, not something like a contract dispute.

You need time to grieve, I get it. Heartbreak hurts and it’s painful to know your idol is leaving her mother group, especially when she’s going towards a non-entertainment-related path. However, it’s a lot like watching loved ones head off, children leave home for college and the like. Do you really want your idol to stay forever, become the equivalent of Iikubo Haruna and be subjected to eternal graduation speculation, or do you want your idol to pursue her heart’s passion and live happily… even if it means you won’t see her in the public eye as much?

…Sorry to come off as a snarky prick, but those are just my thoughts right now. As much as I love Kobushi Factory (and just about all of H!P, even if some are decrying its death with its lack of Kouhaku/TV appearances) and I was just as shocked as you to when the news came, I… have grown to accept it. Maybe it’s the fact I’ve been a fan for almost 14 years (since a few weeks after Kasahara Momona and Ota Haruka were born!) and have seen a lot of graduations (especially from Morning Musume), but… I’ve grown to accept graduations as a part of the game.

The number 244 put it best in his reply to my comment on his post about the matter:

I think we are seeing the effects of seeing so many girls near the same age. They’re not all going to be idols into their mid-twenties!

At least the graduation bad news came in a proper third form. “Bad news comes in threes” indeed.

Further Reading

In any case, here’s to the future!

Until next time!
— Magi-Kat

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