Fandom Enlightening the World: The Welcome ANGERME Project

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled content with a Fan Project Boost Alert! The subject of this is a public service announcement regarding a fan project hosted by monkiipop.

Long story short, the aim of this project is to show ANGERME that yes, their desire to perform overseas isn’t so pie-in-the-sky and there are fans who would love to see them.

monkiipop hopes to make a video of the many contributions and no matter how you participate, you must include “Welcome to [country name]!” in your language. Written, spoken, “made out of letter balloons,” it doesn’t matter how it’s written.

There are four options in joining the projects but you can choose a maximum of two:

  • A short video that is not more than 25 seconds. Singing, dancing, speaking, holding a sign, showcasing your country, anything goes, as long as it’s respectful! You can also hide your face if you so wish.
  • A photo utilizing the same rules.
  • A drawing.
  • A brief message on a piece of paper that is sent as a photo/drawing. (monkiipop would rather not have the video filled with just writing though.)

You can submit your content via email ( or Twitter DM (@monkiipop), but be sure to do so by June 18, the end of September 2017 your local time!

The video will be uploaded in early July on monkiipop’s channel so it can be seen and shared by as many people as possible (aka everyone!). It’ll also be sent to UP-FRONT LINK so it’ll be able to reach ANGERME.

Be sure to share this project with as many fans as you can!

3 Responses to Fandom Enlightening the World: The Welcome ANGERME Project

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