Zangetsu: Mourning Moon

“There is no death, just a change in our cosmic address”
— Edgar Froese (1945-2015)

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe.

How are you on this wonderful day? Has it been cheerful? I hope it is. I really hate to bring the cheer to a halt, especially after I finished celebrating her life as an idol through an originally unrelated review.


It’s roughly a week since we received the terrible news of Matsuno Rina’s passing, reveal two days later to be from “lethal arrhythmia”. Chiima describes the sorrow perfectly in her post, how it’s the kind of news nobody wants to bear. As I mentioned in my comment on Kame’s post, this was one big reason I made my plea to enjoy an idol’s time while we can. It’s awful knowing that Country Musume’s first lineup change was the result of a death, watching Ladies’ Code succumb to the horrid twist of fate, Tsukimiya Karen having also entered the realm of dreams close to Rina’s age, knowing a Mama Musume had to bury her firstborn not long after bringing him here…

It’s terrible it took me this long to jot it down into words… even if it’s superfluous as I dedicated my ANGERME review to her, my way of honoring the life she led as an idol. This is especially since I deliberately posted it on Valentine’s Day, a day where we celebrate love.

Every time I think about it, I return to a piece of classical Japanese music I heard as a tween (did I mention I have weird taste in music?): Minezaki Koto’s Zangetsu (“Morning Moon”).

It was years later, particularly as I researched things for a(n increasingly unrealizable) Touhou fan project that I discovered why the piece was so beautiful: it was a memorial piece to someone beloved by the composer, a dear friend who died young and whose family shop bore the name Matsuya (which is referenced in the lyrics, hence the “pines”). Even now, the piece is performed at memorials, which may be why I return to this. You can read translated lyrics below, primarily taken from this video’s description and this website (though it was somewhat edited for clarity and to suit the aforementioned Touhou setting… even if was just replacing “Lunarian palace” with the more literal “Lunar Capital”):

Behind the beach pines hides the light of
The moon, setting into the open sea, departed so soon,
From this world of dreams, will awake to absolute truth,
And live in the bright Lunar Capital forever.

Now a message for you is the misty vernal moon.
Only the months and days are sure to come around again.

I may not have followed Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku, only getting glimpses of them through other fans. (I also realize that Rina also has the “pine” (matsu) in her name, making the theme more fitting.) However, it doesn’t matter for in this time and space, we’re all Ebichu faithful.

May you rest easy, Matsuno Rina.

No, may your place in the heavens be grand. Your human suffering is over and you are now a celestial maiden who dwells in the Lunar Capital. Time may pass, but we will never forget the light you shone upon us. May your enjoy your time in your new cosmic address.

Tune in next time as we continue to celebrate idols like her. (On that note, Ebichu will hold a ceremony for her later this month and H!P (and the J-pop world in general) have been doing their commemorations.)



2 Responses to Zangetsu: Mourning Moon

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