Triskaidekaphobia Be Darned: Morning Musume’s 13th Gen is Nigh

Apologies in advance to any triskaidekaphobia sufferers, especially since the number 13 will become increasingly common in the future.

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

How are you on this fine Wednesday? Are you well? I’m still doing far better than I did weeks ago. I’m a lot less exhausted and I even managed to get one of my Secret Santa projects done!

Did my fellow Americans have a nice Thanksgiving? (Trump and Standing Rock spoiled your appetite? Did you hear the news about the latter?) Did you find some good deals over the weekend? Are any non-Americans still sane after all of that?

Speaking of Thanksgiving weekend…

It’s the morning before Thanksgiving, a sluggish morning that is the latest in a sluggish month. You hop on to Twitter, expecting more political tweets and signal boosts lost in more political tweets.

Then, you come across the following:

Due to the date, there is a chance that the results will be the last post of 2016. Regardless, this is big news. I already hear fans clamoring for Ruru to be among the winners and who can blame them?

There are even confessions popping up on the Tumblr blog relating to the announcement.

It’s Not November December Without Opinion Polls (or “Just Because Election Day Happened Doesn’t Mean Voting Is Not A Thing Anymore”)

If you’re the speculatory type, then the number 244 is running a pool that is asking you of one thing: Vote for the Kenshuusei you think will join Morning Musume 13th gen!!!

You can find it on Reddit and Google+ of you want to share directly from the source. (Better yet, you can even do so by the tweet below!)

A similar poll  is going on at the Jplop forum, which is slated to end December 13th.

One of the latest M3 Mysteries relates to the impending announcement if you want to discuss it further.

Here’s to the future!
— Magi-Kat

P.S. Yes, I forgot to schedule this for last week. As you might’ve seen, I was busy with other things….

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One Response to Triskaidekaphobia Be Darned: Morning Musume’s 13th Gen is Nigh

  1. Chanting says:

    It’ll probably announced the evening I start my holiday in Melbourne!!! LMAO.

    H!P always finds someone real green or the one that wotas have been rooting for.

    I don’t know if Kaga will be chosen, poor girl has been looking miserable and jaded the past few years, and I don’t blame her.

    Maybe Ichiouka? She looks pretty (I read somewhere that she looks like Tiffany from SNSD, and I kinda see the resemblance), and she’s become stable performing wise over the years.

    Plus in age, it won’t be too awkward for the older or younger members (moreso the older ones).

    She’ll also fit right in with the image they’re having right now too.

    Though Kurumi is similar in that sense too, and her looks are sometimes what management goes for… It’s hard to say!

    Maybe it’ll be a two-member generation? Would be something new to the group!

    Liked by 1 person

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