The Faithpuff Girls and the Barefaced Divapuff » Powerpuff Girls ’16 – Ishida Ayumi

Ishida Ayumi – ENDLESS SKY

Ayumi and Masaki each received two votes in the Ingredients Polls. They were then locked in combat for two Twitter polls, until Daaishi took the bronze with two votes in the redux.

As for her fashion, it was explained in the previous section: Ayumi recieved the losing outfit of the 3-Vote Set, ENDLESS SKY.

I worked on Ayumi roughly the same time as Masaki… and it took a while for a similar reason as Kudo’s image — I decided to try to replicate the pattern on her outfit and try to wrap it to her figure.

On another note, Daaishi has the most difficult post to get, primarily due to what pose I decided to reference. It’d be distinct if I was doing it with my normal style, but due to how the arms of “wet sandbags” in the PPG style (though it’s more tubelike in my style), but… I think I accomplished it. You see, it’s stuff like this that made the 10th Gen take as long as they did.

The Powerpuff Girls (c) Cartoon Network
Art (c) Me

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