🎶 Joy to the World! Sayu’s Come Back~ 🎶

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

I’m sure you all have heard the news by now.

After going into hiatus immediately after becoming an Ex-Musume (and many recent blog posts that dropped hints by their titles), or appears or Bunny Queen is finally going to return to us.

As a longtime Musume fan, I felt some sadness upon Michishige’s announcement. There was also hope from her statement that she was taking a (rather well-deserved) break from the entertainment industry. I’m pretty sure the more cynical among us would’ve thought it was a prettied-up retirement.

Regardless, this is momentous occasion and I wish Sayu the best!

And to any Christians among us, happy Advent!

Stay hoppin’!
— Magi-Kat

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One Response to 🎶 Joy to the World! Sayu’s Come Back~ 🎶

  1. […] gains and losses. On the former, we have Tsubaki Factory’s long-awaited major debut and Michishige Sayumi’s return to showbiz come 2017. On the latter, we have the disbandments of SMAP and C-ute (the former happening this […]


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