Reporting on Having Camellia Blooms to Yourself

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What a wacky past few weeks, huh? From a new Crying Angel to some Northern newbies to surprise graduation, H!P’s been full of surprises this summer. One of those surprises was an MV clip unveiled on a Hello! Station installment. Granted, this was to promote the release of Tsubaki Factory’s DVD single (set to release that very Saturday), but this still caught a good portion of the fandom by surprise.

This was the least of the surprises the Camellias had in store for the H!P faithful (especially given what happened a few weeks ago), but I’m getting ahead of myself.



“Joined May 14, 2015.” This raises some interesting questions.

Seishun Manmannaka

The Song

This first song is an EDM-influenced pop song with a brooding mood and midtempo beat. Robotic vocals under score the portions between the intro and verses.

At the time this song was unveiled, it truly showed itself for Tsubaki Factory’s “fresh and elegant” image, going with a cool-sounding soundscape.

(I am happy to see that they have improved since their first few performances as “raw” was one other adjective you can use for this bunch at time.)

The MV

The MV was published on their channel on Aug 12, 2016.

The MV shown here is of the “LIVE Version” and as such features a concert setting.

From what I’ve heard, there was also a proper MV that wasn’t taken well by fans.

I can’t properly discern when this performance was recorded, but given the appearance of Morning Musume and the fact they’re in their “One and Only” apparel, or can be assumed this was recorded in late 2015.

Kedakaku Sakihokore!

The Song

Featuring motivating lyrics to the modern young girl, this EDM-influenced pop number continues from the “fresh and cool” feel of its predecessor while carrying a feeling of reassurance. It can come off as cold, but that’s the price of sleekness.

Perfection and elegance, just like a devil’s maid.

The MV

The MV was published on their channel on Aug 12, 2016.

The MV is set primarily in a manor, the coolness of the song being highlighted with a blue hue. The flower motif is visually depicted in the red dresses the Camellias are adorned with, bringing to mind roses.

Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru Hen~

The Song

A cover of Peaberry’s song of the same name, graced by the Camellias’ vocals. However, due to the nature of the song, the

Featuring lyrics speaking fondly of their nurturing grandmother and their vow to uphold her legacy. As for the impact of the song… well, when I first watched the IM with its “official” lyrics (even though I’d read translated lyrics months ago on Project! Hello), I had a tough time  watching. Well, my comment says it all:

This brought tears to my eyes and it took everything in my power to not break down. Why? I was reminded of my own grandparents, particularly my maternal grandfather who died in 2012, 14 years after his wife. With his death, all of my grandparents (which includes one of my namesakes, my paternal grandmother) are in the hereafter.

It’s silly, I know, but that’s the power of music. Thank you for this gift and making it blossom further with your own touch.

May there be success in your future!

To this day, I was embarrassed by my emotionally honest comment on the video …Then I found out that at the time of this writing, it was upvoted 5 times.

(Indeed, the only reason I’m not breaking into tears while writing this post is because I’m “listening” to it. I tried watching again and I just couldn’t without becoming misty.)

The MV

The MV was published on their channel on Aug 12, 2016.

Befitting the song, it takes place in a quaint country manor. Interspersed between the shots of the Camellias is the old woman. We’ll call her “Grandma Tsubaki.”

Towards the end, tender moments are shared between her and her granddaughters. (I wonder how she feels about her newest grandkids.)

On that note, any grandparents among my readers? On behalf of all Americans (even the anuses among us because I’m that benevolent), happy Grandparents Day. Tis a shame it feel on 9/11 Remembrance Day Patriot Day this year though. Then again, I know some people probably lost grandparents (and grandkids) that day so it’s probably one more thing to think about. 💐

Just live and show seeds of love because the world is a garden. We need more lovely flowers to grow, not the weeds of hate and fear.

But enough soapboxing.


The Song

The song is a midtempo tune that is more pop-oriented in genre than their first two singles. In a sense, it’s a musical midway point between the cool EDM of the Camellias’ first two efforts and the aforementioned Cabbage Hakusho. (Combined with the MV’s setting at a school, many were reminded of Shouganai Yume Oibito.)

The song speaks of lovesickness, having strong feelings and not being ashamed of being in love.

P.S. Can someone tell me how this is a yandere song? Please? I guess it’s the theme of being lovesick, but I don’t see it. (Could be my positive outlook and general distaste for the yandere archetype showing.)

The MV

The full MV was unveiled on on Aug 8, 2016.

This was the MV that started (or rather, restarted) the conversation on Tsubaki Factory. Its unveiling on Hello! Station came as a surprise to all, followed by the behind-the-scenes footage shown on Upcoming.

Set at a school, it tells a story of girls blossoming into women, betwixt the typical dance shots. What makes the story scenes significant is that they are depicted as panels in a comic.

Final Thoughts

The Camellias have been stepping up their A-game as of late, especially among an ever-changing landscape in the idol world. The rise of the Tsubakis came in a summer filled with promotions, graduations, “training completions,” and a disbandment (or two).

Tune in on Thursday for part two of this spotlight as we cover Tsubaki Factory’s second generation. For now, what are your thoughts on the recent news regarding the Camellias?

In regards to “Hitorijime,” you can also chime in further as the song was a recent M3 Mystery topic.

Dedicated to Thomas Horace Harris (1927-2012)



6 Responses to Reporting on Having Camellia Blooms to Yourself

  1. Chanting says:

    I guess it’s because of the part where they sing they’re not letting anyone else take or like the guy? (Even if it means she’s selfish)

    I think there must be something lost in translation though.. How did yandere even come up? If this is yandere by their standards, then full-on yandere they definitely can’t take…

    I dislike the yandere archetype too, it’s just.. no. Tsundere I can handle, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Heh, who knows? XP Probably reading too much into it.

    Also, thank you for commenting!


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