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You have a wonderful sleep, dreaming wonderful dreams that can spur you into action. Then, you awaken to face the day ahead, full of brightness and hope for the days ahead. You casually go to your Twitter feed to see what’s going on around the Tweetsphere and then you find this:

You go, “Huh. That’s so sad….” This comes in after you talk about the Kenshuusei and the afterglow of one’s promotion. Well, you are curious and feel like you’ve heard someone before. This intrigues you, wondering if anyone was among the awardees. You then hop on your laptop and begin drafting away a minor follow-up to said previous post.

After all, as was reported on July 28th, we’ve had a few “departures.” (Ironically, the post about the promotion was published that very day.)

  • Yokogawa Yumei (20th gen)
  • Nakano Rion (24th gen)
  • Shimano Momoko (22nd gen)
  • Hashimoto Nagisa (22nd gen)


Yokogawa Yumei was a finalist for the 12th Generation “Mirai Shoujo” audition who became a Kenshuusei in 2013. Her fellow “Future Girls” are Country Girls members Yamaki Risa and Funaki Musubu,Tsubaki Factory member Niinuma Kisora, Morning Musume ’16 12th Gen member Haga Akane, 2014 Public Vote Winner and 2015 Singing Award Runner-Up Danbara Ruru, and 2014 Singing Award Runner-Up turned departee Oura Hirona.


Nakano Rion was introduced in the 2015 Test Event. This is alongside Country Girls member Yanagawa Nanami, ANGERME 5th Generation member Kasahara Momona (ironic, isn’t it?), 2016 Judge’s Dance Award Winner Akiyama Mao, departed Kenshuusei Okamoto Honoka, and current members Ono Mizuho, Maeda Kokoro, and Kanatsu Mizuki.

Hashimoto Nagisa and Shimano Momoko are two NICE GIRL! Kenshuusei turned Hello Pro Kenshuusei, introduced at the November/December 2014 recital. This event also introduced 2015 Best Character Winner Horie Kizuki, Tsubaki Factory sub-leader Ogata Risa, and Kobushi Factory members Hirose Ayaka and Inoue Rei.

Ikuta Kate also brought up an interesting point in regards to these two:

Many believe Nagisa (19) and Momoko (17) had gotten to (sic) old to debut and therefore left the program.

(If anyone wants to know, Yumei is 17 while Rion is 12.)

Screenshot 2016-05-25 17.50.24

While departures from the program always saddens me, what especially caught my eye was one name: Hashimoto Nagisa. Due to her winning an award at a test event, she was one of the many Kenshuusei of past and present featured in a recent post.
Here’s some basic info, updated to reflect her current status:

  • 2015 Judge’s Special Award – Dance Performance Winner.
  • Hashimoto Nagisa auditioned for S/mileage’s 2nd Generation, but ultimately failed. She later became a NICE GIRL Project! Kenshuusei in 2012 and remained until late 2014. Thereafter, she became a Hello! Pro Kenshuusei and remained in the program until July 2016.

This updates the stats of Test Winners as defined in the related article as follows:

  • 4 honorees (19.05%) left the program (Tanabe Nanami, Oura Hirona, Yoshihashi Kurumi, Hashimoto Nagisa)
  • 8 honorees (38.10%) remain in the program to this day (Danbara Ruru, Kaga Kaede, Ichioka Reina, Horie Kizuki, Inoue Hikaru, Kiyono Momohime, Takase Kurumi, Akiyama Mao).

I neglected to mention that the amount of remaining honorees was previously changed to 42.86%, due to Kasahara Momona’s promotion.

Here’s hoping Danbara Ruru, Inoue Hikaru, and/or Kaga Kaede don’t bump the 19.05% up. They’re getting up there in age and seniority. (In a horrible bit of irony, just as I was dreading that possibility, another one happened with a debuted Kenshuusei.)

On that note, that’s the topic of the latest M3 Mystery!

Until the next one,

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