Vamola! Bacchikobushi Youth is Very Popular


Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Announced on May 26 with the third A-side announced on June 22revealing their covers and updating their cover profiles on June 30.


So let’s dig into Samba! Kobushi Janeiro / Bacchikoi Seishun! / Ora wa Ninkimono and see if the Kobushi’s recklessness translated into bravery. Brave In!


Bacchikoi Seishun!

The Song

The song is a rocking number with a baseball motif. Perhaps to go with the previous Japan-inspired motifs (sumo, ramen, ouendan, and cherry blossoms), we have one more with one of the nation’s most popular sports.

As mentioned, the song returns the One Punch Mags to familiar musical territory: rock. However, there’s a mild funkiness that is provocative of their sophomore single. This isn’t a bad thing, mind you. It provides a good bridge between the two flavors, which is perfectly youthful for the song at hand.

The song also continues this youthful spirit and “come at me, bro” attitude this song gives off. Even if you’re in your 30s, you’ll feel energized from this display of this YOUTH.

For a behind the scenes look at the recording sessions, look no further than Upcoming.

Up-Front Link were even nice enough to provide us some context for the baseball themes:

Bacchikoi Seishun is a song about baseball, one of the most popular sport [sic] in Japan.
Every summer in Japan, an annual national high school baseball championship nammed [sic] Summer Koshien takes place at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium in Hyogo Prefecture. This tournament is really famous in Japan and all high school students who love baseball follow it and dream to participate at this championship.
All the 49 schools participants are the winner of their respective regional tournaments.
Many stories of dramas, manga, anime, books, movies, etc. are based on Koshien.

In order to celebrate the Summer Koshien of this year, which will start on August 7th and end on August 21st, Kobushi Factory sing this song about baseball which talks about training, aiming to the victory during youth. “Bacchikoi” can be litteraly [sic] translated as “Batter, come at me!” or “Batter, com’on!”. It is an interjection usually used during baseball match. Now it has a meaning of cheering ourself [sic] or a team, or can be also used as a joke. The title can be explained “Com’on Youth!” so it is a reference to the Koshien, that all the young people who play baseball aim to win this tournament.

The MV

The H!S Edit was unveiled on the 176th installment of Hello! Station, published on July 6th.

Featuring the One Punch Mags on a baseball field, they sing and dance with the intensity their youth has brought them.

Their solo shots feature a microphone that appears like an effect… until you sees then explicitly interact with it.

The full version was release two days later on the 8th.

In addition to the aforementioned shots, we also see shots of subsets of the group in previous outfits. Truth be told, I only recognize the Kobushi Tamashii outfits. Shame on me for not recognizing the other outfits.

In the second verse, we see them in alternate outfits in a nightlit field.

For a behind the scenes look at the MV filming, look no further than Upcoming.

Samba! Kobushi Janeiro

The name is self-explanatory (not to mention the reason for why there’s so many references to Sambasaurs in this post). Up-Front Link provides further context to the song.

The Song

Sporting a samba beat and summer-tastic lyrics full of cheer, this A-side is truly one of the season. Speaking of a carnival, a “human drama” happening “once in four years,” inspired by the Olympics, the One Punch Mags get us pumped up for the Olympic season.

It almost reminds me of Berryz Koubou’s “Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance,” whose musical and lyrical mood was also inspired by the then-upcoming Olympics in Beijing. (No, those Games weren’t held in the Year of the Monkey. It was held in the Year of the Rat. Ironically, it’s the Rio Games that are in the Year of the Monkey!)

For a behind the scenes look at the recording sessions, look no further than Upcoming.

The MV

The H!S Edit was unveiled on the 177th installment of Hello! Station on July 13th. This shows the girls in a dance hall. Solo shots are in front of a thin curtain whose design changes (weirdly enough. Upcoming reveals this is actually a curtain with a design projected onto it). We also see shots of of them in front of pool with dancers and drummers to the side.

The Promotion Edit was uploaded on July 16th. In the full version, we already see one difference: an outdoor shot to start us off. We then move into familiar territory with the solo and dance shots. However, we move to more shots of the girls jumping, along with the extras. All of this brings the festive atmosphere and themes to the front stage. I know some will decree the MV as cheap (and I bet you some have at up until footage began circulating on Upcoming).

However, this could’ve been worse and the best we can do without flying out to Brazil. At the same time, we must also give credit where credit is due as a lot of work went into this MV.

For a behind the scenes look at the recording sessions, look no further than Upcoming.

Ora wa Ninkimono

As Shin-chan fans are aware of, this was the opening theme to the classic anime Crayon Shin-chan. The song itself ties into the Idol Matsuri event, of which Kobushi Factory are the ambassadors (similar to ANGERME’s situation with “Mahoutsukai Sally”). Up-Front Link was nice to provide us with this info (though it’s mostly common knowledge at this point).

The Song

The song is a fun ska-influenced number, befitting the fun mood and the comedic tone of its mother series. The lyrics are just as… befitting. (Try not to think about it and enjoy it, especially if you like Crayon Shin-chan.)

You get a real sense of the fun had here by everyone involved, even if you aren’t really a Shin-chan. Look no further than the bass recording video below:

The MV

The H!S Edit was unveiled on the 177th installment of Hello! Station on July 13th. It shows the girls in school uniform-inspired outfits goofing off at a playground  (or one that is attached to a school), also fitting the mother series.

A “Special Promotion Edit” was uploaded to the official channel on July 18th. It greatly expanded on the shots by featuring quirky solo shots, fun crayon-inspired text, and images of the titular Shin-chan.

In Closing

This release oozes with the cheer (heh) and energy that summer brings. As the Olympics are set to begin this week, may we strongly move forward with our fists in the air.

The single is now on sale, having not only taken the #3 spot in its first week, but also becoming their highest first week! Please allow Kobushi Factory to continue blooming like their namesakes by purchasing from official sources!

Until the next Brave,

Dedicated to Yoshito Usui. May your creativity continue to inspire us to go further with our fists in the air. Without your creation, we’d have less reason to bloom like magnolias this summer.


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