Green and Purple: A Zukki and Meimei Tribute

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

After a lot of hype, the tribute showcase is open. Granted, I didn’t receive any submissions, but I was too stubborn to cancel it, especially given the significance. I had hoped to showcase the creativity and diversity of the fandom but…

…these will have to do.

Suzuki Kanon Ganbatte! – Scrapbook Ver.


This was a piece made for the Zukki Graduation Project. I made it a point to finish it by April 20th to take advantage of a musical reference and pun.

The text is simple, but I wanted to make a short and sweet message to get across in English and Japanese. My kanji skills are terrible and my hiragana is relatively decent, so I went with that in mind.

Looking back, despite my best intentions, Zukki came out looking more slender than I had wanted in this piece.* As proud as I am about this piece and hopeful that Suzuki Kanon likes it, I am somewhat embarrassed by it. Zukki caught a lot of hell for her weight, something that wasn’t brought to my attention until everyone started talking about it! As previously mentioned, I’m used to the sight of heaviness so it took a lot for me (someone who is statuesque and slender and tends to draw her characters that way) to notice.

One reason for this, though, is because the pic was originally going to be a chibi-style pic so the proportions are supposed to be somewhat off. However, I’ve been drawing full-sized figures so much that it became a “semi-chibi” pic. I also wanted to be respectful as I couldn’t get an insulting image of Zukki out of my brain, one in her One Two Three outfit in an insultingly goofy smile with her body mass somewhat exaggerated. I wanted it to be something pleasant, as is my aim with my art.

*If you take a look at my art, despite the fact I have absolutely nothing against fat people (heck, many of my friends are heavyset and even my mom and sister-in-law are stout), I am terrible at drawing them. The kicker is that circle are a main motif in my drawing style, which is ordinarily perfect for drawing chubs. That will have to be amended as a main character in one of my webcomics is big and beautiful.

Tamura Meimi Ganbatte! – Scrapbook Ver.


The above was a piece made for the Meimei Scrapbook, which is probably on its way to Japan now (if it wasn’t already).

It was meant to be finished before April 20th, but exhaustion and a small bout of food poisoning somewhat delayed things. The concept here is to display Meimi’s influence, as evidence by the inclusion of M3’s cute little vampire of a mascot. Like with the previous project, I made it a point to write in English and Japanese (even if it’s the exact same words as in the Zukki pic).

Why is Meimi in her Christmas outfit? At the time, the fashion of her final single was still somewhat up-in-the-air so I went with the outfit she wore in the Christmas live, where she announced her graduation. Granted, I took some liberties with it (it’s later that I found she didn’t wear gloves), but the idea is still there.

Suzuki Kanon/Tamura Meimi Ganbatte! – Tribute Ver.

These two pieces were made for Chuu! Sugoi! Idol‘s tributes to Meimei and Zukki. The Zukki version was sketched before any of these, fully intending to another and picking the respective one. The Meimei version, as you can see, is primarily taken from the Scrapbook piece. Lazy, I know, but it was also a time-saving measure as these pics were a lot more labor-intensive than they had to be. Regardless, I managed to get the piece in for the project.

Single Reviews

You can read the reviews for the final single for Suzuki Kanon and Tamura Meimi, Utakata Saturday Night! / The Vision / Tokyo to Iu Katasumi and Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku / Itoshima Distance / Koi Nara Tokku ni Hajimatteru, at their respective links:

Final Words

I hope the next project I do is a bit more successful than this one (though I attribute it to a combination of lack of communication and busyness). I know the Powerpuff Musume ’16 one will have a lot more success. The lineup is also set in place!

Regardless, these pieces were fun to make and it was an honor to make them, especially the scrapbook ones.

Thank you, Zukki, for being among the Strongest Generation and Perfect Freezing us into a diamond blizzard of smiles. Like Icicle Fall, you were underestimated and mocked for the things in the easier difficulties, exploiting your blind spots. However, only fans brave enough to look past the “safe spots” and find your strength are able to capture your Hailstorm.

Thank you, Meimei, for leeching our troubles away and delighting us. You truly are Dracula-chan, inspiring our devotion and loyalty. We are your Renfields, your faithful servants who would be called “lunatics” by the masses. Like the vampire you’re associated with and the true performer you are, your heart belongs to the stage and may it serve you well.

Thank you both and good luck.


P.S. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere (particularly in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Australia, South Africa, Colombia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Paraguay,  or Bolivia) and particularly if you have an interest in visual arts, graphic design, drawing, and/or illustration, then you might want to check out this post from the M3 Facebook page!

P.S.S. 5/30 Update! The tribute video is up!


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