Tokyo’s Saturday Night Vision

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

How are all of you? Have you all been well this past week? Those Kenshuusei were something, weren’t they? I might have to write a post about them sometime…

Why? Well, I’ve been a busy little bee, developing the prologue to one of my webcomic series. Due to its different tone, I was planning on releasing it separately from the main series. Of course, this has the consequence of pushing said main series back as I want the progression to feel natural. Call me a perfectionist!

In the meantime, I was also planning to submit to FORGE. Art Magazine‘s twelfth issue. Submissions end June 1st so wish me luck!

Of course, this meant any possible submission to Alterna Comics’ IF Anthology will have to be for next year. (Sadface.) At least they gave us a clue as to what the next theme is! (It’s “crime,” by the way.)

However, all of this does not excuse me from certain duties. Fan art exhibit aside, I have a blog to run! (Blogs, if you count the Tumblr side blog.) As we all know, it’ll be a few weeks until Kanon departs from idol life to share her smile with others. As a longtime Morning Musume fan who figuratively broke her thumbs crafting two tributes to her, I am obligated to write a review for her sendoff single…


…So let’s dig into Utakata Saturday Night! / The Vision / Tokyo to Iu Katasumi and see if it’s worth smiling about!

Utakata Saturday Night!

Initially translated as “Bubbly Saturday Night!” and “Fleeting Saturday Night!”, the official translation is “Ephemereal Saturday Night!”

The Song

The song is a massive groovefest that is sure to make you get your groove on. It is very much like the Golden Age in terms of sound and mood, full of upbeat cheerfulness that contrast with the more serious 2/3rds of the single.

The MV

The H!S Edit was officially unveiled on the 166th installment of Hello! Station, published on April 27th. The full Promotion Edit was uploaded on May 2nd.

The MV is at a nightclub/discotheque that is full of something flutters. With some glittering text and a cascading mirror effect in the full MV, the 70s are alive and well here. Screw the people who said disco was dead!

It was certainly a treat to see Kanon as one of the centers of this piece, especially after the two sides haven’t featured her much. This is certain to please her fans, which she has no shortage of.

This MV also has the distinction of being the fastest H!P MV to hit one million views by doing so in 9 days. The power of fandom!

If you want to see behind the scenes content, the 15th installment of Upcoming has you covered.

The Vision

The Song

The song is a sweet ballad with a sweet, uplifting message. Tender pianos twinkling away to add to the atmosphere and a gentle manner.

The MV

The H!S Edit was officially unveiled on the 165th installment of Hello! Station, published on April 20th.

The MV is set in a grand stage, similar to Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke. The ladies dance gracefully with ballet-inspired positions and marching band- like motifs. The arrangement of members is akin to another past MM A-side, Oh my wish!, given the fact we have a “dance team” and “singing team.” (This was a lovely touch, given Kanon’s role in the aforementioned single.)

The solo shots feature a lot of white: white ribbons (I doubt that is toilet paper), faded white lights, clear crystals.

Here’s something interesting: a friend I showed this to compared all of this imagery to snow. In light of the song’s message and tone, it’s mildly akin to Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi and we all know how much I drilled the “Ice Fairy” imagery into the ground.

Well, I’ll do it again because Suzuki Kanon is also an Ice Fairy. Plus…

Hmm… interesting. That’s a good way of interpreting the white imagery, especially since Kanon announced her departure in February.

The week of the Super Bowl, actually. (In fact, it was hours before it on my end.)

Plus, as a 9th Gen member, she’s forever associated with… ice….

(The reason for the slowing speech was because said friend alerted me to a Mega Man board game, which he had heard from his copy of Nintendo Force.)

Tokyo to Iu Katasumi

The official translation is “A Corner Called Tokyo.”

The Song

A rock-influenced song featuring violins and electronic flourishes.

Truth be told, out of all of the three, this one is my favorite. As you can kinda tell from the blog’s name (if you remember where it came from and what the blog started as), I have an intense soft spot for rock music and rock-influenced music. In addition, if you might’ve noticed from past posts, I also have a soft spot for EDM influences. (I was a lot more tolerant of the “dubstep” and “autotune” phase than most fans, even if I don’t care for the former genre myself.)

The music appeals to me the most, the electro-rock flavor aggressively brings out this song’s main themes of “recklessness”and “awkwardness.”( Get used to hearing those words in some form for this portion of the review.) Lyrically, it also speaks to my ambitious and vulnerable side, particularly as I make my way in the creative stratosphere. Just replace “Tokyo” with any metropolitan cosmopolis (or the Internet) and it can speak to anyone caught in the hustle-and-bustle of modern life dream-making.

They do exist.

The MV

The H!S Edit was officially unveiled on the 164th installment of Hello! Station, published on April 13th. The full MV was unveiled on the 18th.

The MV is primarily set in a studio, featuring our Morning Girls dancing with some solo shots. Alternate shots showcase them in a more casual attire, presumably taking a breather from the camera.

Fans rioted when the full video came (no, when the H!S Edit came), disappointed at the lack of Tokyo scenes and plot. They also decried the simplicity (and lack of Kanon) with one fan calling it a “disappointment.”

(For a while, I felt let down, but I figured there was a method to the madness. Besides, we all know the focus of the MVs (especially in H!P) aren’t the plot of a song — it’s the music and the idols.)

However, the recent Upcoming revealed quite a bit about the MV’s production.

For starters, the main concept is supposed to be a juxtaposition with reality and the world as crafted by the entertainment industry. The “main” scene is what takes place at the studio, the dance shot. Thus, the shots outside of them in the studio’s “backyard” is akin to them taking a breather from the camera (frenetic dance moves aside).

(Bear in mind that despite 14+ years of self-study, I consider my knowledge of Japanese fairly rudimentary so if I get anything wrong, please forgive me.

In Closing

All in all, this proves to be a power-punched single for Morning Musume ’16, especially given the fact it’s a graduation single.

The single went on sale on May 11th, hitting #2 on its first week on the Oricon charts. Please support Morning Musume ’16 in continuing this success by purchasing from official sources!

This week’s M3 Mystery is the significance and effect of the word “Oshirase.” The deadline to submit to the Suzuki Kanon and Tamura Meimi Tribute Exhibit is this Sunday too!

Until the next one!
— Magi-Kat!



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