Happy Days, Steppin’ Life, and Summer Wind

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

After what feels like forever, I’m back with a review! I’ve been busy with various projects (a good number of which having been spotlighted on this post).


So let’s dig into Naze Hito wa Arasoun Darou? / Jinsei wa STEP! / Summer Wind.

Naze Hito wa Arasoun Darou?

The Song

This particular A-side struck me when the MV was unveiled. As noted in the later sub-sections, both the Hello! Station and Promotion Edits were unveiled a day after terror attacks rocked the world. The song’s pensive contemplation, uplifting message, and expression resonated with fans worldwide. Given that C-ute is among the most senior of Hello! Project’s acts and performers, they were a perfect fit to tackle the real world. Sure, Juice=Juice’s entire concept revolves around maturity, but they are stop moderately new. (Plus, they were a little busy with a series called “Budokan.”)

I may be exaggerating, putting too much thought into this, but with a line mentioning “people looking for a bed to sleep in” and the emptiness in people’s hearts, it’d be absurd to divorce it. C-ute’s members are at a stage of their lives where they must be engaged with the world at large. This is especially given H!P’s increased efforts at reaching international fans who are certainly affected by what is going on.

The MV

The Hello! Station Edit

The H!S Edit was officially unveiled on the 161st installment of Hello! Station, published on March 23rd (a little over 24 hours after the Brussels attacks).

We see our girls performing on a stage, accompanied by backup singers and a live band.

The Promotion Edit

The Promotion Edit was unveiled on the 28th of March. As previously mentioned, this came hours after the Lahore attacks.

As for the MV, there’s not really that much to add. The more shots at added to the extent of the song. Towards the middle, we see them in their dressing room, smiling as they get ready. This weirded me out at first, but I’ve found it helped lighten the mood. Timing is everything when it comes to things and this was perfect.

Normally, this would be a point of contention. However, given the simple concept of the MV and its lyrics, it works. We see our Dreamgirls (as this MV was often compared to) performing to cheer up their audience.

Jinsei wa STEP!

The Song

Our ladies step in time to a jazzy beat with lyrics speaking about stepping ahead in life. The delivery also showcases the growth of the C-uties’ vocals, especially given their longevity and experience. It is also a lighter song in tone than its more gospel-influenced counterpart, even if it’s in the “darker” minor mode.

In the middle, given the jazzy motif and the theme of the song, there’s a tap moment in the song. The sound is best appreciated after seeing the behind the scenes footage on Upcoming.

The MV

The Hello! Station Edit

The H!S Edit was officially unveiled on the 162nd installment of Hello! Station, published on March 30th.

We see our C-uties dancing in a theatre for the most part.

The Promotion Edit

The Promotional Edit was unveiled on April 4th. In addition to aforementioned shots, the full MV also carries a surprise guest in the form of a tap dancer. (If you’re skilled, you can find them.)

We also see further shots of the C-uties working the runway. Sashay!

Summer Wind

The Song

The song is a melancholy, mature track with electronic undertones. The song speaks of trouble in paradise.

What reminds us of the summer theme is the Beach Boys-inspired “ooh-woo-ooh-oohs” in the background in the chorus. Normally, this would bring to mind happiness at the coming season. Here, it is the cherry on top on this sundae of summer solemnity.

On a brighter note, according to Hello! Project Wikia, Tsunku stated on his blog that he wrote the song with the image of the girls taking off into their adult lives and it (the song) being used in a cosmetics commercial.

The MV

The Hello! Station Edit

The H!S Edit was officially unveiled on the 163rd installment of Hello! Station, published on April 6th.

We see a beach, followed by our C-uties in a white building, a summer house. In contrast to the other locations, the house is primarily bare and sterile. Yes, there is a bed and a sink, but it’s a blank slate of minimalist aesthetics. Perfect for a song of minimalistic creation.

In the outdoor shots, we see our C-uties on the beach, letting the wind and sea pass by them. Whether they walk or stand, they gently smile at their pangs.

The Promotion Edit

The Promotional Edit was unveiled on April 8. The full MV contains some more flourishes and effects.

At the final shot, almost like in an art film, they stand stoically with the song’s title by their side.

In Closing

This summer looks to be a blockbuster for the C-uties, after months of waiting and anticipation.


The single went on sale on April 20th, taking the #2 spot on its first week. Please support C-ute and help them to continue this successs by purchasing from official sources!

The related M3 Mystery deals with Naze Hito wa Arasoun Darou?‘s implications and impact on the community at large.

Until the next one!
— Magi-Kat!


5 Responses to Happy Days, Steppin’ Life, and Summer Wind

  1. isilwentari says:

    THANK YOU for pointing out the tap moment and linking to the making-of!! I dorked out really hard watching that. XD I adore this single. It’s odd to think of them as the oldest act in H!P now, isn’t it? I hope they will continue, as you say, to “tackle the real world”. Even without speaking comparatively, or about the seniority factor, they’re the most mature and talented group H!P will have for a while. Post made my day. thanks for that. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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