In Regards to Kumamoto…

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

As we all know, in mid-April, a series of earthquakes truck Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan. A 6.2 foreshock struck on the 14th while a 7.0 main shock struck on the 16th. The events caused massive damage and led to to nearly 50 deaths with over 3,000 injured overall.

On the 22nd, Up-Front Link posted a note to its Facebook page detailing its fundraising efforts:

Further info and details can be found on the original post.

On the 166th iteration of Hello! Station, before the main show, H!P leader Yajima Maimi addressed viewers with the same information:

The Chuu!Sugoi!Idol team provided a post on their H!P FB fan page to leave your prayers (though I recommend donating and spreading the UFL link).

Please assist Japan in its recovery efforts!

Much love and peace,


One Response to In Regards to Kumamoto…

  1. […] returning to the blog in a haze, posting returned by boosting Kumamoto recovery efforts (of which there’s still a lot to do!), various fan projects for Zukki and Meimei (which were […]


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