Green & Purple: Goodbye Projects for Zukki and Meimei

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

It’ll be a little over a month before Suzuki Kanon and Tamura Meimi graduate from their mother groups (Morning Musume ’16 and ANGERME respectively) and Hello! Project to pursue their dreams.

If you’re still looking for fan projects to get involved in before they leave, then allow me to assist you! (Clicking the headers will take you to the sources.)

Goodbye Project for Tamura Meimi

The organizer (Maroussia) wishes to create a scrapbook that will be delivered at the Nippon Budokan concert present box on the fated graduation date. You can choose at least one of the following methods of participation:

  • A short written message to Meimi, written in any language you wish. However, keep in mind the organizer can only understand French, English, Spanish, and (easy) Japanese—and can only translate into “very simple” Japanese.
  • A photo of yourself with a message sign/drawing/goods. You’re welcome to cover your face.
  • A drawn picture. (Guess which one I picked.)
  • “Anything visual that can be included in a scrapbook.”

Send your submission to, along with your name (or nickname) and country (and town, if you wish), by April 30th.

Chuu!Sugoi!Idol Suzuki Kanon & Tamura Meimi Tribute Plan

The folks at Chuu!Sugoi!Idol are holding their usual graduation tribute projects. (There’ll be a reason I’m using the plural.) If you’re familiar with their previous projects, then the following procedures should be familiar:

  • Submit a pic of yourself wearing green (for Suzuki Kanon) and purple (for Tamura Meimi) doing the ganbatte pose as seen here.
  • You can also write a (readable) 7-10 message to them.
  • Send your submission to with the subject line “TRIBUTE FOR ZUKKI & MEIMI” (or the C!S!I H!P Facebook page) with your name and country by May 7th at 23:59 Japan Standard Time.

As you’ve read, there’s a little more than a week left to participate to get on it!

Magic Morning Meteora Tamura Meimi & Suzuki Kanon Fanart Showcases

Last but not least, there is the M3-hosted exhibit dedicated to fanart pieces that will be held this May. It is tentatively titled “Green and Purple: A Zukki and Meimei Tribute.” There is less than a month to participate and I really hope to showcase a wide variety of pieces.

If you wish to submit your piece:
  • Email Route: Send an email to with the subject line “Suzuki Kanon Fanart Showcase” or “Tamura Meimi Fanart Showcase.”
  • Tumblr Route: Submit to the Public Box or the Public Dox on the M3 Tumblr.
  • Facebook Route: Message the page with your submission.
No matter what path you choose, be sure to include your name (real name, username/pseudonym, etc), home country, and (preferably) a description for your piece. Nobody can better speak for your work than you so give that piece the support it needs!
(Also, all rights to the work will belong to you. In fact, they belonged to you to moment you created that piece.)
The soft deadline for submissions is May 15th while the hard deadline is May 22nd, both at 8am Eastern US time. (For reference, use New York, NY or Newark, NJ.) As previously mentioned, there’s less than a month left to submit and I’d like to showcase the variety and diversity the fanbase has.
Be sure to give these projects the support they deserve! Please participate and spread the word.
Yours truly,

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