Perfect Cherry Blossom Night Fever

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It has been 168 days (or 5 months, 15 days) since the release Kobushi Factory’s major debut single, Dosukoi! Kenkyo ni Daitan / Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san no Uta / Nen ni wa Nen (Nen Iri Ver.). It has also been 156 days (or 5 months, 3 days) since the last Kobushi Factory review. Between that timespan, our Magnolias won the Best Newcomer Award to the joy of all. This came with graduations in the air as it’s been nearly a month since Fukuda Kanon left, a few days until Sayashi Riho’s graduation, and days after Tamura Meimi announced her departure. With this wind of change, the Magnolias are blooming with high expectations. (There was even a confession saying that Kobushi’s talent level was impending graduate-levels.)

During the annual New Year’s Eve countdown concert, we received news of their major sophomore single, Sakura Night Fever / Chotto Guchoku ni! Chototsu Moushin / Osu! Kobushi Tamashii. The first A-side, Sakura Night Fever, was performed during the H!P winter tour, Hello! Project 2016 WINTER ~DANCING! SINGING! EXCITING!~.

So let’s dig into Sakura Night Fever and see if Kobushi Factory had continued to make like Saitama and defeat enemies with a punch.

The Song

The song’s title translates to “Cherry Blossom Night Fever.”

A performance was showcased in the 150th installment of Hello! Station, the first of 2016.

The lyrics and composition was handled by KAN, the original artist for this song.

The arranger for this track is a familiar face to longtime Hello! Project fans and probably accounts for why this has been a hit with the fans: DANCE☆MAN, who has played a role during Hello! Project’s “Golden Era.”

As you might expect from a DANCE*MAN song, Sakura Night Fever is a funky disco sing. Instilling the fun of the season with a groovy beat, we greet the season, even if we all want to sleep.

Needless to say, this is a favorite among fans (myself included).

The MV

Screenshot 2016-02-24 17.47.44.png

Unlike the other A-sides, Sakura Night Fever never had a Hello! Station edit. What might’ve been the week that it was shown happened to fall right after the announcement of Suzuki Kanon’s graduation. It was long showcased on The Girls’ Live, but I wanted to wait until it was officially uploaded on the official channels since I can better support it. Strangely enough, just as soon as I about to give up on such things, the Promotion Edit was finally showcased on the 157th installment of Hello! Station on February 24th.

The full MV was published onto the main account on February 29th, long after the single’s release. However, this came after news that the single took the #1 spot!

Screenshot 2016-02-24 17.49.13

The dance shot takes place in a pink room with cherry blossom petals strewn around the floor.

Screenshot 2016-02-24 17.50.20

Close-ups take place in a darker room that appear to have sparkly textures in the background.

Screenshot 2016-02-24 17.49.15Screenshot 2016-02-24 17.49.25

More solo shots of our girls are featured in the lovely blossoms. (Konohana-Sakuya-hime would be pleased.)

Screenshot 2016-02-24 17.49.50

At least Natsumi’s pretending to be a tree, rather than being sealed in one… or having her life held hostage by it!

This is in addition to hijinks involving Hamaura Ayano and Inoue Rei picking on Taguchi Natsumi, who plays the role of a cherry blossom tree.

Screenshot 2016-02-24 17.50.06Screenshot 2016-02-24 17.50.47Screenshot 2016-02-24 17.51.50

The single was released on February 17 and ranked #1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts for its first week, selling 33,903 units. The single has also sold 35,188 units in February alone. Will they top the success of their previous single with 47,866 units sold? We’ll just see (though with an A-side like this, it’s easy to imagine it happening).

Screenshot 2016-02-24 17.51.52
Please support Kobushi Factory by purchasing from official sources.

While there is no M3 Mystery out now, there is one related to is your thoughts on the single so far.

Until the Next One!

Chuu!Sugoi!Idol have announced their tribute plan for Suzuki Kanon and Tamura Meimi this past Sunday. A separate, unrelated Zukki tribute scrapbook has been announced as well. There are also the fanart showcases hosted by this very blog.



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