Your Star – Five Years Later

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Today is going to be a special post.

As we all know, five years ago last week,  a deadly earthquake hit Japan,  triggering an even more deadly tsunami. — which triggered an even more deadly nuclear disaster, which became the worst one since Chernobyl.

Like most people who were touched by Japan’s soft power (and had empathy for others’ suffering), I felt intense grief for those affected by the disaster. Finally, a week later on the 17th, I donated to the Japanese Red Cross’ relief efforts.

Considering what day it was (St . Patrick’s Day), I marked the occasion by playing “Anataboshi.”

Today, I mark that moment and everything around it by looking at Anataboshi again (sans the near-memetic status I gave the costumes).

The Song

Of you’re familiar with this song’s background, then you know it’s from the animanga Kirarin Revolution. Kirarin Revolution is well-known from a musical perspective for “introducing” styles to the H!P discography that were previously unheard-of or at least particularly unique. (Koharu’s sophomore solo single, the Russian-themed “Balalaika,” was among the best-selling releases in 2006.)

Screenshot 2016-03-14 15.22.19.png

This debut single by Milky Way, a troika made of Tsukishima Kirari (Kusumi Koharu), Yuki Noel  (Kitahara Sayaka), and Hanasaki Cobeni  (Kikkawa You), continues the tradition by wearing Irish influences on its sleeve (and steps). One other main thing about it is the tambourines, which were a major point with the group in general as their sophomore release also had them. (However, it wasn’t as prominent as it was in Anataboshi.)

The MV

Screenshot 2016-03-14 15.21.25.png
The set is simple (almost painfully so, given that Kirarin Revolution featured some of H!P’s most daring affairs–and this was a time when their MVs went overtly cheap), focusing on our ladies.  Simply dancing in the main shot, solo shots see them standing in the middle of stars.

Screenshot 2016-03-14 15.22.31

Going down memory lane is almost enough for me to forgive Koharu for her “brutal honesty.” …Almost.

While there is no M3 Mystery out now, the results of the first set of Powerpuff Musume ’16 Tiebreakers have been announced. The second set is also live so vote for your favorite (remaining) 10 Gen member and MV costume now! Poll closes next Wednesday!

Until the Next One!

Chuu!Sugoi!Idol have announced their tribute plan for Suzuki Kanon and Tamura Meimi a few weeks ago. A separate, unrelated Zukki tribute scrapbook has been announced as well, plus a Meimei scrapbook is being made by another fanThere are also the fanart showcases hosted by this very blog.


2 Responses to Your Star – Five Years Later

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