Boogie-Woogie Country Girls Of Compa-H!P

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Just like it’s been a long time since the One Punch Mags’ last offering, the same has been true for the Country Girls. Their previous single, Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne / Tamerai Summertime, was released in August 2015 with the review coming in right before then. This was not long after the sudden departure of star member Shimamura Uta less than three months after their debut cut.

While the sophomore single served to show the group can survive after such a loss, this single serves to show the group with new life injected into it. As we all know, much like the Group Formerly Known as S/mileage, new blood was announced during a commemoration of the group’s first anniversary. Unlike the Group Formerly Known as S/mileage, it wasn’t the search of new member that was announced — it was the discovery of them, in the form of two Kenshuusei.

So let’s dig into Boogie-Woogie LOVE and see if Country Girls continues to evolve.

The Song

Featuring a groovy boogie-woogie beat with rockabilly influences, our Country Ladies jazz up the dance floor with this number.

The MV

The Hello! Station Edit

Screenshot 2016-02-19 19.41.41.png

The H!S Edit was unveiled in the 156th installment, posted on February 17th.

Screenshot 2016-02-19 19.41.57

As a good MV should do, the retro aspects of the song are illustrated with its 1950s Americana-inspired setting. (Kinda reminds me of a tut Acrylicana made for Tuts+.)

This extends to the fashion, sporting glossy fabrics juxtaposed with checkerboards. The bows also add to the girlishness of it all, along with the Mary Janes.

Screenshot 2016-02-19 19.42.36

What hammers in the retro feel is the silhouettes the skirts made, whether dancing or still. While familiar territory if you’ve been following idols (because what idol dress didn’t make that shape?), but “bell-shape” truly hearkens back to aesthetics of the early Baby Boom (or Grease if you prefer something more “contemporary”).

Screenshot 2016-02-19 19.43.01

What further exemplifies the aesthetics are the belts, along with the blouses and collars. Everything about the Country Girls’ outfits in this MV brings you into their imaginary soda shop sock hop.

Screenshot 2016-02-19 19.43.12

The Promotional Edit

Screenshot 2016-02-22 15.07.28.png

The Promotional Edit was unveiled on the 22nd.

Screenshot 2016-02-22 15.10.08.png

One of the cosmetic changes was extra lighting (or more emphasis on it) at certain parts of the song. (This was actually difficult to screencap effectively, due to how fleeting the scenes featuring them were. Isilie and others of your kind, I salute you.)

Most notably, the other addition to the MV sees our Country Ladies in what is possibly the biggest symbol of 1950s Americana: the car.

Ah, the automobile. Twas in the 50s that this simple machine became ubiquitous, eventually becoming the symbol of freedom and independence. Hot rod culture became a thing and the automobile was immortalized in many songs (including a “subgenre” of teenage requiems).

Getting back to this, our Girls are also holding lollipops. Such things evoke an image of childlike innocence, perhaps alluding to the themes of childhood/adolescence vs adulthood in the song. Adolescence is that liminal time between childhood and adulthood with such things like love develop. With that in mind, first love (or love period) during that time can be as jerky as a boogie-woogie beat. A true “boogie-woogie love.”

Screenshot 2016-02-22 14.33.57

The single comes out March 30. Please keep the Country Girls’ boogie-woogie strong by purchasing from official sources!

This current M3 Mystery is your thoughts on the MV, along with the last Kobushi Factory A-side.

Until the Next One!

P.S. Chuu!Sugoi!Idol have announced their tribute plan for Suzuki Kanon and Tamura Meimi this past Sunday. A separate, unrelated Zukki tribute scrapbook has been announced as well. There are also the fanart showcases hosted by this very blog.

Remember to vote for your favorite Faith Girl Oshi and costume of yore!


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