For ANGERME, Fourth is Death by Moe

Once upon a time, you were not a stranger
In the old field of angels.
And once upon a time, you were a growing angel
In the old field of angels.
In the old field of angels.

―Bloom 06, “The Old Field of Angels”


Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

I interrupt this broadcast stream to bring you some news (though you might’ve heard by now). Not only has ANGERME’s 20th single been released, but we finally hear the results of the 4th generation audition.

Announced during their release event, the fourth generation consists of only one girl: Kamikokurou Moe. (Egad, she sounds like a Touhou character.)

When I first heard the news, I was surprised to see that the 4th Generation was just one girl. I (like many others) expected a bunch of new smiles to be added to the choir. However, a solo member provides just enough new blood without sending the numbers into chaos.

It actually reminded of other one-person generations: Goto Maki. Kusumi Koharu. Mitsui Aika (initially). Oda Sakura. If we count Country Musume (whose revival group is on our radar), we have Asami, Satoda Mai, and Miuna. Technically speaking, the revival of Country Musume as Country Girls was the first time the group had multiple members added at one time since the group’s inception! (However, I think that’s a topic for another post.)

Already, we have placed our hopes high for our moe goddess. (One potential nickname wasKami-sama,” followed by “Kamiko-chan.”) I do as well. As a former drummer and jump rope, I bet she’ll be able to keep the beat.

There’s a clip going around of what is claimed to be Moe singing―and doing it well.

Regardless, I am among those who have high hopes for Moe. May she keeps us and ANGERME burning!

The current M3 Mystery is your reaction to the additions this past week. There’s been a lot of reveals as of late so now that we’ve had some time to digest all of this, have at it!

Also, don’t forget the Sayashi Riho tribute project by Chuu!Sugoi!Idol. Submissions close on December 12 so get on it!

Until the Next One!

News Sources: Up-Front Link (Announcement • Interview)

Further Reading

Salvami, Salvami (Save me, save me)
E portami via da qui (And take me away from here)
Nei tuoi sogni fantastici (In your fantastic dreams)
Dove volano ancora gli angeli (Where the angels still fly)
E non aver paura mai (And don’t ever be afraid)
Io resto qui a difenderti (I’m here to protect you)
Dove non esistono gli angeli (Where there are no angels)

―Bloom 06, “Vorrei essere come te”
(Note: The translation is about 70-90% Google Translate and thus is not perfect)


One Response to For ANGERME, Fourth is Death by Moe

  1. […] as an idol. New faces came around to counteract the departures with two new Country Girls and a literal Moekko from Kumamoto (and I write this on the 6 month anniversary of the earthquakes…). Thanksgiving was marked […]


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