Flight of the Angel Smiler ~ Lunatic Princess

My five requests that so many humans
in the past have failed to complete…

How many of them can you fulfill?

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

How has your week been? Last week was another strange week as I went through a surreal process during the earlier part of it called “jury duty.” I spent the remainder of it recovering from it, “helped” by the news regarding Country Girls.

In addition to that, I’d discover that Chuu!Sugoi!Idol’s Riho Sayashi Graduation Tribute project is now accepting submissions. You can read details on the blog, Facebook (via their fanpage) and/or Tumblr (via my unaffiliated post).

This came the same day a post was scheduled to be published on this unaffiliated blog: the one presenting Chuu!Sugoi!Idol’s Cinderella Revolution Tribute. (You can also view it on the H!P FB fanpage.)

Sorry to hammer down the point, but I want to prevent any confusion. Speaking of hammering things down…

We have finally come to this point, the final single for ANGERME’s Cinderella Revolutionary, Fukuda Kanon. (She’ll always be Kaguya-hime to me. Blame Lilpri, among other things.) It will be a matter of weeks before she leaves us to fulfill her dreams. Unlike Riho Grande, Fukuya-hime is leaving both her mother group and the Project, guided by the moonlight-threaded veil with the emissaries of her dreams as escorts.

“Why have you lingered so long in such a filthy place?”
Then, all the locked doors opened, untouched——

Let’s explore this final mission, shall we?

(Also, if you got any of the references, you’re welcome to shoot me with every Spell Card you’ve got.)

Desugita Kui wa Utarenai

Unofficial Translation: The Stake That Sticks Out Too Much Won’t Get Hammered
Official Translation: The Nail That Sticks Out Too Much Does Not Get Hammered Down

The lyrics for this track is handled by , the lyricist responsible for “Otome no Gyakushuu,” almost all of Country Girls’ A-sides, and Morning Musume 15’s “Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki.” She may be young (set to turn 22 in December), but she has shown to have quite the hand.

The composition is handled by LoVendoЯ member Uozumi Yuki.

The arrangement is handled by Miyanaga Jirou, along with the aformentioned Uozumi Yuki.

The Song

Beginning with a string intro, followed by a guitar and string rockfest that would be right at home in a Guilty Gear game.
Such motivating lyrics. The title is a play on a Japanese proverb exclaiming the virtue of not rocking the boat. However, the proverb gets twisted to promote individuality and originality.

The bridge, featuring a metal-tastic solo that might even make Henkka smile. However, that is me, talking as a fan of hard rock.

Come to think of this, this is a lot like a Guilty Gear song with nonet of girls singing vocals. (Considering who composed it, it makes sense.)

The PV

The Hello! Station Edit was revealed on October 21 with the full edit being uploaded on the 26th. This was the first H!P MV uploaded after the YouTube Red crisis began so it took me a while to find it elsewhere. (Indeed, I think I found it through Tumblr.)

If you’re outside the US, the YouTube embed is also provided so UFA’s official channels can continue to be supported.

The PV is a darkly set affair, set in what appears to be a warehouse. Containing spotlights and scaffolding, our girls take the stage in their dance, interspersed by by overlaid traffic scenes. In between all of this is close-up shots of our girls among the scaffolding. In addition, there are shots of our girls standing in the dark with their clothes glowing.

(As someone who finished watching GARO with some friends, these scenes are both starkingly different yet familiar.)

I should also make special mention to the finishing dance move: our nonet in a circle, backs turned with their hands saying “no.” Some have it more subtly, but the sentiment is certainly there.


Unofficial Translation: Surprise Ending
Official Translation: A Complete Turnover

The lyrics are handled by the enigmatic Hoshibe Shou. One of the newer faces on the block, Hoshibe has penned (and composed) C-ute’s “Arashi wo Okosunda Exciting Fight!”, Kobushi Factory’s “Dosukoi! Kenkyo ni Daitan,” and Juice=Juice’s “CHOICE & CHANCE.” On a related note, they have also composed “Nana Korobi Ya Oki” and “Gashin Shoutan.”

Composition is handled by Uchuu Kei.

Arrangement is handled by Tokisawa Nao and Sekiguchi Q Dai.

The Song

The song is a hard rocker about change, responding to change, and making changes in your life. It’s not as “heavy” in sound as Desugita, but carries the same hardcore sound. It’s actually akin to Buono, Kobushi Factory, and C-ute’s “Exciting Fight!” in sound and mood. However, “Dondengaeshi” still carries that ANGERME “X factor” that makes it a distinct song from this nonet-for-a-few-more-weeks.

The PV

The Hello! Station Edit was revealed on October 28 with the full edit being uploaded on November 2nd. (Special thanks to Pure Idol Heart for finding the Dailymotion link.)

If you’re outside the US, the YouTube embed is also provided so UFA’s official channels can continue to be supported.

Beginning with a title screen that showcases the sky, our ladies are shown on a set evocative of towers in a skyline. The solo closeups have them among rows of crystals, similar to Juice=Juice’s major sophomore single. We sometimes see our ladies in silouette or spotlighted, mirroring lines about “white becomes black” and “black becomes white.” The mini-group shots see them set besides a blended background, also evoking a sky (to me, at least).
We end with our Angel Smilers striking a pose as the sky flows through them and switching to blue then white.

For some standards, the PV would seem simple and cheap, especially with the effect. However, I think this works with the theme. Granted, H!P’s video output from this year (the past few years even) may have spoiled us and set our sights too high. I digress… there were quite a risks and treats to the eyes to let us engorge ourselves upon this nine-piece angel food cake before one slice is taken away.


Unofficial translation: Me
Official translation: TBA

The lyricist for this song is one that has been anticipated: graduating member Fukuda Kanon! Right around the time of her graduation, she has expressed a desire to write songs. This, of course, sparked excitement within the fandom as this is somewhat rare in today’s times.

(She’s also not the first H!P member-turned-UFA artist to tackle songwriting as Ichii Sayaka expressed this desire as well. Funnily enough, the producer of Ichii Sayaka in Cubic Cross’ singles, Sharam Q member Taisei, is the composer of this track. As old-school fans know, he was also involved in the arrangement and composition of songs by Iida Kaori, Melon Kinenbi, and Goto Maki to name a few.)

The arranger is Hamada Pierre Yusuke.

The Song

The song is a rather cute one, combining the sweetness of Sayu’s “Shabadabadoo” with the energy of Ai, Gaki, and Reina’s solos. The emotion here is truly heartfelt as it’s Kanon herself who wrote the song.

The song is a bouncy elepop song with reflections of her days. It reminds me of songs from recent Sonic games (quiet, you), though some might be reminded of the like of “Lalala no Pipipi.”

I do like the key change effect after the bridge, starting with the chorus before rewinding and starting at a new key.

The PV

The Hello! Station Edit was revealed on November 5 with the full edit being uploaded on the 9th. (This one I actually found on my own.)

If you’re outside the US, the YouTube embed is also provided so UFA’s official channels can continue to be supported.

Opening her magic treasure chest, Kaguya finds a glass slipper. She then writes, reflecting her feelings. (Remember that this is her debut single as a songwriter.) Nearby is the glass slipper.

Kanon showcases clothes and dances in her cute outfit. In certain shots, we see her thinking pensively on her bed.

The visuals are at the corner of “Shabadaba Doo~” and “Egao ni Namida,” the farewell songs of Michishige Sayumi and Niigaki Risa. The pastels and star effects are just too appealing to me. Heckell, the overall whimsicality of it all appeals to me too much. (It’s cute, but it’s a subtle form of a cute that doesn’t put you off. Possibly showing that Kanon is “graduating” not just from ANGERME and H!P, but also her childhood.)

Kanon take out the slipper again, then puts it back. Goodbye, Cinderella. (She’ll always be Kaguya-hime to me.)

In Conclusion

This finale of a single is a whirlwind of emotion. ANGERME, in light of Kanon’s leaving, will be possessed by phoenixes after such a loss. The 2/3 with ANGERME proper are hard rockers that will you deaf to all negativity, hearing only the song. Kanon, our star-spangled pierrot, speaks purely of the whereabouts of her heart. All of this will surely make blue lunatics of us all and the full moon will seem invisible without her presence.

The current M3 Mystery deals with your feelings in regards to the impending graduation. Feel free to leave your thoughts, especially in light of recent events (including today’s announcement).

Reach for the Moon, Eternal Idol Fans!
— Magi-Kat


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