CCW: C-ute’s Cheerful Wrestling

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Last week, it was announced that C-ute would release their newest single on the 30th of September.

This was right around the time of their concert in Mexico on the 19th. A few complained that it is too soon, but as I said on a Facebook comment:

Color me excited, regardless of the date. They’ll find a way to make it work.

If Morning Musume (’14) can perform in New York and release a single (a graduation single at that) within the same month, so can C-ute.

(In fact, they were a week from each other. The tie between C-ute’s concert and their single is at least a week apart.)

This post will simply discuss the news and my takeaway. For months, generasia had posted on the C-ute page that there was a single coming out on the 30th of September. While it has happened before with Morning Musume ’15’s 59th single, I still prefer more concrete proof from an official source.

Unveiled by leader Maimi herself, the double-A side will be for the Japan’s Wrestling Federation (or JWF). The song (or songs) will be the “athlete song” and the “cheer song,” meant to motivate the athletes. Details are unknown as of this writing (8/31) and the title has yet to be announced.

If you’re reading this fresh off the presses, I’m most likely watching glitchy AI-controlled CAWs made in the image of video game characters wrestle each other in front of the Internet. (It’s a super-special episode this week featuring championship belt defenses and then some.) If you’re reading this after Tuesday, you can watch a recording here. #FRIENDSCALLED

Enjoy a hype video for the Mexico concert unveiled this past week:

On an unrelated note, if you’re knowledgeable/nostalgic about the 80’s (particularly in J-idol terms), feel free to take a look at this little discussion from the Tumblr blog.

Until next time!
— Magi-Kat

9/10 Update: It has been announced on their annual °C-ute no Hi event that the single will be titled Arigatou ~Mugen no Yell~ / Arashi wo Okosunda Exciting Fight! with the latter being the fight song. The release date has also been moved to October 28. (Source: Hello! News Service.)


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