A Sally About Going through Life’s Ups and Downs Thick and Thin

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

In honor of the release of the single this week, we’re going to cover ANGERME’s release. The original plan was for all three A-sides to be discussed in one post. However, thanks to “Mahoutsukai Sally” being too… overwhelming, this is going to be split like Morning Musume ’15’s spring release.

Nanakorobi Yaoki

Variously translated as “The Ups and Downs of Life” and “Rise No Matter How Many Times You Fall,” the official translation is simply “Ups and Downs.”

The Song

The song is an energetic if jazzy tune. It sounds serious, but its message carried through the girls’ solid vocals.

In the bridge, a passionate guitar solo takes center stage.

The MV

The MV primarily takes place in what looks like a warehouse.
The outfits of the girls drape gracefully as they dance, a fluid set of movements that illustrate the song’s message.

Gashin Shoutan

Variously translated as “Going through Thick and Thin for Our Goal” and “Go Through Thick and Thin to Reach Your Goal,” the official translation is “Extreme Hardships.”

The Song

The song is an energetic funk-pop tune that brings to mind the Golden Era (or “Taiki Bansei”). There’s an even greater variety of line distribution (even if a certain member dominated the opening ones) and thus showcases the individual vocals of the members. The lyrics are also very uplifting and lighthearted that continues the themes of its counterpart.
The girls also goof off and exclaim more than the past few songs, evoking the fun H!P is known for (and is needed).

The MV

The PV has our girls dancing in an oddly familiar hangar. At some random times, we get some outdoor shots (where the sky is so bright it’s almost nonexistent). The solo shots take place in from a striped background that add to the pastels.
The color scheme is very sherbet-like, reminiscent of sweets. (Why the sweets? For one, I was reminded of Buono’s Sherbet covers.)

In Conclusion

Nanakorobi Yaoki is a hard-hitting song with a positive message, possessing a dark yet muted color scheme to match. It’s like on the level of What is LOVE and Ai wa.

Gashin Shoutan is more a fun and funky song that is “brighter” (sonically and visually) than NY, showcasing some of the fun ANGERME (and its past “incarnation”) is famous for.

Stay strong, friends!
— Magi-Kat


3 Responses to A Sally About Going through Life’s Ups and Downs Thick and Thin

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