Juice=Juice’s Never-ending Story

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Some time ago, Juice= Juice unveiled a new MV to promote their album, First Squeeze!. As I’ve discussed their long journey up to this point in an earlier post, this one will focus on the promo PV for Tsuzuiteiku STORY (Everlasting Story).


The Song

The song is a haunting ballad with rather introspective lyrics. One would be inclined to think someone is graduating with the tone (or just rejecting on the changing times for H!P). However, it is also one of gratitude, happiness, and retrospection. It could just be a comment on the idol life and the transitional period H!P is in now.

The vocals are solid and strong, befitting the emotional nature of the song. It’s an emotionally honest piece.

It almost sounds like they’re talking to H!P members and fans of past and present. (Maybe that’s my interpretation.)

(It doesn’t help that I’m thinking of making a post about loss in light of a tragedy affecting the video game community, one the J-idol community came dangerously close to having themselves. I’m almost at tears (again) just thinking about it. This song isn’t helping either…)

This was a great way to close the album (as it’s the closing track), providing an reflective introspection while looking towards an uncertain future.

The MV

This is what has everyone buzzing. Juice=Juice always was conceived as a cool, mature group and much of their material so far (covered in a later post), reflects that. (One of their singles has “naked” in its title, for goodness sake!)

We start with headshots as the opening music plays. Just before the vocals come on, we see the title. After that, we see our girls in there bare glory.

Having said that, it should not shock you to much to see bust head shots of the girls, with the occasional shots of hands. To go with the bareback nature of the lyrics, the girls appear (I do feel I must stress that) to be au natural in a black room. It’s a bare setting, but sometimes a concept is best shown when stripped of excess fabric. (This it’s especially true for H!P, cheap PVs and all. “Less is more,” as they say.)

the number 244 put it best in their post:

While I don’t deny the PV pinches pennies, the simplicity works for me. To begin with, “Tsuzuiteiku STORY” does not work in service of a single. The song showcases the group in advance of their “First Squeeze” album. In essence, the video purely promotes a song with very little commercial agenda (albums do not sell in Japan). Frankly, they didn’t need to create this video. Somewhat liberated from the Oricon charts, the need for “wow” and “sparkle” fades into an emotional conveyance of the lyrics and composition.


The album is out now, having debuted #4 on the charts! Do these idols a solid and support them, please.

In other news, it was announced today that as part of their current tour, Juice=Juice will be holding concerts in Hong Kong and Taiwan! There will be more details to come in the future so congrats!

Until next time,


8 Responses to Juice=Juice’s Never-ending Story

  1. number244 says:

    I love the way you captured the lyrical content of the song.

    “However, it is also one of gratitude, happiness, and retrospection. It could just be a comment on the idol life and the transitional period H!P is in now.”

    God knows, H!P is in the middle of the biggest personnel change since the Elder Club graduations!


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