From Fiction to Fact: H!P’s Beyond Belief

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!
How is summer treating you all so far? Sorry it’s been somewhat low-key, but given what has been going on, can you blame me? I’d like to get my facts straight before making a post of this nature. I’ve already flubbed up details regarding the 3rd Gen in the post covering the announcement.


Around the time I was coming off of my hiatus, rumors were bubbling around the fandom about auditions. It was rumored that Natsuyaki Miyabi would be holding auditions for a fashionable new group. However, the site for it contained information regarding an audition for ANGERME’s fourth generation.

However, while I was still waiting for official confirmation from UFA regarding the former  when I started this post (only thing known posts about it are Berryz Kobo International and Sakura Mankai), just about everything regarding the latter has now been officially confirmed:

Here are the details about the audition known thus far:

  • The auditions will begin July 2nd.
  • The application deadline is in August.
  • Kenshuusei can participate, where their audition will be in parallel to the public’s.
  • In the event of a winner-less results, the finalists will be asked to become Kenshuusei.
  • Shimizu Saki and Taisei will assumed advisory roles in the audition process.

As for Miyabi’s audition, after weeks of pondering (since I liked to get official confirmation first), we finally get it at the end of the month:

Here is what is known so far:

“She is searching for girls who love singing and dancing between 18 and 22. Applications will be accepted from the 1st of July until the 31st of July.”

Source: Hello! Project Wikia


My Takeaway

To be honest, when I first saw the word “お知らせ,” I thought it was another graduation announcement. (I shouldn’t be so negative.) However, given the atmosphere, it was confirmation of the rumors. I was surprised, but mostly numb. I know we have a lot of new blood (and there’s only so many groups you can make and there’s only a set amount of KSS promoted to MM).

However, since ANGERME is increasingly becoming the Morning Musume of the new guard, it is to be expected.

What is surprising me is that save for one or two posts, most aren’t freaking out over the possibility inevitability of Wada Ayaka graduating.

As for Miyabi’s audition, I was surprised when the leaks came out but decided to hold my excitement until official news is out. Now that it’s out, I… I don’t seem to feel much. I guess because there’s other things going on in my life at the moment or just the fact the leak wrecked any possible enthusiasm.

In Conclusion

As Ikuta Kate noted in her post, sometimes it all takes a leak to create smoke around a fire. This is exciting news regardless of your fan status. There is something about vindication that happens when fiction becomes fact and everything is beyond belief.

I’m Magi-Kat

4 Responses to From Fiction to Fact: H!P’s Beyond Belief

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  2. Nayoko says:

    I’m, oddly, more excited about the Miyabi audition than I am the ANGERME audition. Maybe because it feels like we just got new members for the group? Whereas the whole time I’ve been hoping Miyabi would continue with music in some capacity (I had similar hopes for Risako, but that seems less likely).

    I’m sure people will start to feel it more when we start getting peeks, or footage, or generally closer to the end/reveal dates.

    Liked by 1 person

    • magikat says:

      Yeah. ANGERME getting new generations is almost expected at this point. Miyabi’s group provides a new chapter for all to see.

      Regardless, I can’t wait to see more.


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