Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

If you’re reading this, then congratulations on making it to the summer!

As voted, the following pic is the Soul of the Summer Solstice 2015:

''A sunny scene. While it's ambiguous whether May-May's affected by the sun or not, I imagine her on the beach with her umbrella keeping her cool in the shade.''

The Soul of the 2015 Summer Solstice

With 3 votes (75%) to C’s 1 (25%) and B’s 0 (0%), “A” (the summer umbrella) won in a slight landslide. (Click on the pic for details.)
Thank you for voting and here’s to the summer!, everyone!

The open call for beach songs, questions, and sawbuck summer treat recipes is still on. Let me know using the following:

  • The Comment Section below
  • The Magic Box for the Public Vox on M3 and on my Tumblr, Kathartic Bohemia
  • My Twitter: @MagiKathryn (either as a straight message/reply, a private message, or using the hashtag #AskMagiKathryn)
  • My Facebook Page (be sure to use the hashtag #MagicMorningMeteora)
  • My Google+ profile (though I will admit that as long as I’ve used Google services, I’ve only been on Google+ for a short while so bear with me if I get this wrong)

Granted, if the response is low (like it has been), I’ll most likely keep the series somewhat low-key and stick to what I have so far. Given that I’ve published almost 97 posts within a year (a portion of which being last year’s bombastic edition) and commemorated the 100th few months ago, I think I can afford to take it easy during this “silly season.” After all, isn’t summer about relaxation?

Eh, we’ll see.

Until next time,

2 Responses to Summertime!

  1. […] about a month (and a few projects), I returned to blogging, just in time for the Summer Solstice. July got off to a good start by discussing audition rumors that were later proven true. While we […]


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