¡Vamos a México!

Greetings, Magical Meteorites!

Screenshot 2015-05-21 23.05.56
This is belated news, but news nonetheless. C-ute is going to have their first concert in Mexico come September 19th. This was announced during a concert on April 26th. There is currently a public vote being conducted for songs to be included on the commemorative best album.
I was excited, happy for the group to get such an opportunity. While these idols were made with the Japanese public in mind, they can no longer exist in a vacuum. Rather, the management can no longer pretend to do so. They have already set foot in France and the world is their oyster.

This could lead to potential performances on the North American continent (like in Canada or the US). I wouldn’t mind either way as the opportunity to see your favorite idols in front of you is a surreal and magical moment.
(So says the cheapskate who didn’t catch a ticket to the New York concert when she had a chance.)

This still doesn’t exclude the possibility of them packing it up. With the Berryz “on indefinite hiatus” and Fukuda Kanon having announced her graduation, it won’t be a matter of time until C-ute calls it in. (Barely helps that their latest single is fueling speculation towards that matter.)

Regardless, this is big news for all North American fans, especially Mexican ones. We know UFA has a large Spanish-speaking market, evident in the countless Spanish-subbed videos, the vocal fanbase, and the success of Alma Kaminiito and its remaining member. (Like anyone not related to H!P or its history, you don’t hear much about him.)

So vamos a México, C-ute and C-ute fans! Soak in the sights and sounds.

Until next time,


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