God Save Queen & Elizabeth

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Today is a friend’s birthday so to commemorate, this post is going to go a bit off the beaten path for this blog’s fare. Now, I usually talk about H!P, but as an idol fan, it is near-impossible to get away from a certain other collective. That’s right, this post is going to talk about the 48s. Fortunately, this doesn’t involve any wacky incidents so this one is going to be a little happier.

You see, this aforementioned friend is a fan of idols (but not exactly of the same caliber as me) and despite the fact the 48s has infiltrated his life twice (through Wreck-It Ralph and Kamen Rider), he is far from being a full-scale wota.

Queen & Elizabeth - Love Wars CDDVD C
This post is about the latter connection, the tie-in to Kamen Rider as it’s something we’ve watched a lot as of late. Particularly speaking, it’s the tie-in to Kamen Rider W via Queen & Elizabeth (played by the Tomomis).

The Song

This is a guitar-fueled rocker with solid (if a bit squeaky*) vocals. There’s not much so say.

*I should keep my mouth shut on that regard.

The PV

Subs because the previous video I had for this section was of a questionable quality.
Appropriately, we see W and Accel fighting the various Dopants.

As for Queen & Elizabeth, we see them with their background dancers and band. Yes, they have a band performing alongside them. Featuring a variety of shots, this PV is pretty… good.

In Conclusion

As someone whose seen Kamen Rider W, I’m more familiar with the context. It was a little unexpected to hear a song like this associated with KRW. Then again, I’m watching this a while after finishing the toku series so that might have something to do with it.

Regardless, it’s a pretty good song so it gets a thumbs up from me!

Happy birthday, Marcus!

— Magi-Kat


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