Kaguya is Returning to the Moon

Greetings, Magical Meteorites!

I interrupt our normally scheduled program to bring you this emergency update.

Screenshot 2015-05-20 16.24.11
It was (very recently) announced on Hello! Station (and confirmed/expanded on the Facebook page) that ANGERME 1st Gen member Fukuda Kanon would be graduating from the group and H!P this fall. She is taking a hiatus from her university studies in order to concentrate her efforts toward this end, and will resume after her graduation.

My Reaction

Sayubee & Ayapan react to the news.

Poor girls… </3

I can’t say I’m too shocked. Maybe it’ll hit me later on, but I’m… not surprised. Okay, I’m surprised, but I’m also not. She had been on the group since their beginnings as S/mileage and I actually thought she’d leave right after Saki and Yuuka. (Here’s a game: Let’s count the days until Ayaka announces her graduation.)

Like I will say on a future post, H!P is in a renewal period with new blood bubbling forth. Sadly, this means that the old guard will eventually move on to greater pastures.

Maybe me and my friends watching Lilpri as of late was an omen. Snow White is the only one left, so when will she graduate?

On that note, what tipped me off was the fact she was making an announcement. At this point, how can it not be a graduation announcement?

Regardless, she will be missed as a valuable member of Hello! Project and the Japanese idol world.

To help alleviate some pain, enjoy a blooper reel of catching a decent screenshot for the featured image:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Be seeing you,


3 Responses to Kaguya is Returning to the Moon

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  2. Best. Maro-related headline. Ever.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. […] Appropriately, Fukuda Kanon announced her graduation that week, leading to the first H!P-mergency post of 2015. […]


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