BMS: The Results Show – Act VI

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Welcome to the next installment of Berryz Memorial Survey: The Results Show. Last time, we took a look at the final phase of Berryz history as the lightning died down and the future began. However, just looking at those phases, we’ve barely even begun to look. There are so many nooks and crannies beyond proper singles and albums.

Citizens of the Universe, welcome to the final installment of this series: Other Spaces of the Berryz Universe!

Other Spaces of the Berryz Universe

What is your gateway era?

  1. The 7nin Era (2005-2009) (6 votes – 37.50%)
  2. The 8nin Era (2004-2005) (4 votes – 25.00%)
  3. The Inazuma Era (2009-2011) (4 votes – 25.00%)
  4. The Post-Inazuma Era (2011-present) (2 votes – 12.50%)

What era do you consider to be the apex of the Shop?

  1. The Inazuma Era (2009-2011) (8 votes – 50.00%)
  2. The Post-Inazuma Era (2011-present) (6 votes – 37.50%)
  3. The 7nin Era (2005-2009) (2 votes – 12.50%)
  4. The 8nin Era (2004-2005) (0 votes – 0.00%)

Best Split Single A-Side

  1. Berryz Kobo x °C-ute – Chou HAPPY SONG (12 votes – 75.00%)
  2. Hello! Project Mobekimasu – Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku (4 votes – 25.00%)
  3. Hello! Project Bekimasu – Makeruna Wasshoi! (3 votes – 18.80%)
  4. Berryz Kobo x °C-ute – Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku (1 vote – 6.30%)

Best BK Special Best Song

  1. Koiseyo! (8 votes – 50%)
  2. Otoko no Ko (5 votes – 31.3%)
  3. Onna no Ko ni Shika Wakannai Choudo ga Aru no (3 votes – 18.8%)

Best Cover Song

  1. cha cha Sing (10 votes – 62.50%)
  2. Loving You Too Much (9 votes – 56%)
  3. Dschinghis Khan (6 votes – 37.50%)
  4. Yeah! Meccha Holiday (4 votes – 25.00%)
  5. Halation Summer (4 votes – 25.00%)
  6. Chu! Natsu Party (2 votes – 12.50%)
  7. Marui Taiyou (Unreleased Cover Ver.) (0 votes – 0.00%)
  8. GET UP! Rapper (Unreleased Cover Ver.) (0 votes – 0%)
  9. Pittari Shitai X’mas! (Unreleased Cover Ver.) (0 votes – 0.00%)

Best Kanjuku Berryz Kobo The Final Completion Box “Rare Track”

  1. Heroine ni Narou ka! (Early Ver.) (4 votes – 25.00%)
  2. Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai (04-13-15 Kanjuku Completion Ver.) (4 votes – 25.00%)
  3. Chou HAPPY SONG (Single Ver.) (3 votes – 19%)
  4. Dschinghis Khan Tartar Remix (3 votes – 18.80%)
  5. Himuro Ibu (Sugaya Risako) – Elegant Girl (3 votes – 18.80%)
  6. Tanjun Sugi na no Watashi… (2 votes – 12.50%)
  7. Dschinghis Khan Piston Nishizawa Two Turntable Remix (1 vote – 6.30%)

Best Kanjuku Berryz Kobo The Final Completion Box “New Recording”

  1. Love together (10 votes – 62.5%)
  2. Thank You Very Berry (4 votes – 25%)
  3. Warera Jeanne (2 votes – 12.5%)
  4. Yatto Aeta ne (0 votes – 0%)

What would you consider the high point of their career? Why?

There were a variety of answers regarding this. One pointed to the longevity of the group as a high point, lamenting that “we will never see anything like the H!P Kids again.” “SSA as they were the youngest group to ever perform there,” responded one other fan. Two fans cited the Budokan concerts. One fans pointed to the current era while mentioning that “it’s hard to say, it’s been so amazing.” However, what captured the responses the most were a certain era. One fan said the Berryz were at their peak around 2010-2011 (which would be during the Inazuma Era) as “they just seemed to shine at that time” as “everything was just right.” Another two fans cited the Inazuma Years with one saying that the best songs came from there.

What would you consider the low point of their career? Why?

Just as the high points were vary, there are many suspects for this one. One fan pointed to the slight growing pans that occured as they matured into adolescence. The slightly bumpy transition from children into adolescents. The mismanagement of the group was cited by one fan, adding that they think C-ute will follow in the same footsteps down the line. (I wonder how this fan felt abut GamushaLIFE). One pointed to the 7nin Era, simply because was their least favorite era. Many pointed to the past few years (“Post 2011,” “2011,” “Towards 2013-2014”), citing the sales, lack of activity/fall tours, and how it “seemed like everyone was against them.”

They just seemed to lose it.

It makes it seem as though HP was losing interest in them.

One other fan gave an answer that we (particularly the older fans) can agree was certainly a candidate:

Maiha’s leaving…

Is there anything about their history you’d want to change or no? Why?

Many fans offered their thoughts regarding this question. One fan wished that there were more opportunities during the tougher time of H!P. Two pointed to the material, one fan calling it a “hot mess” and elaborating with the following:

They should be going on hiatus in triumph (cf. Momusu ’14), not dispirited, bored, and a shadow of their former selves. (Except for Momo, who will plow ahead as unstoppably gung-ho as ever, of course.)

On another note, one other fan cited the lack of enthusiasm and the concert color shuffling ad thing they’d change. Two fans wished for more releases from the group:

I want a 10th album, but I’ll live.

Yes. Release more than 3 singles a year, cause they’ve always done that since 2006. I wished i had more from Berryz Kobo.

Two said they would say nothing with one saying that “everything makes Berryz the way they are and I’d prefer to remember them in that way than any other way.”
One fan wished that they’d kept going and have been able to transition to adulthood. One other fan wished Maiha didn’t leave.


One fan said “there [sic] hiatus” would be one thing they’d change. 😦

What is your fondest memory as a Berryz wota?

“Every second,” cried one fan. For many, they are inclined to agree with this sentiment. One fan’s fond memory was “waiting for dakishimete*2 to come out with friends online.” Another was their first Berryz album in the mail. (For this fan, it was 7 Berryz Times.)

Three fans recalled their lives as fond moments:

The live, a capella rendition of 100 Gags.

Meeting the girls and telling them thanks

Seeing them all in person in New Jersey 2012. Greatest feeling ever to see your idols in front of you.

In contrast, one fan didn’t see them live so “I’ll just say it kept getting better as my love for Berryz grew.”

Moments can even take different forms for different reasons:

Tomodachi wa Tomodachi nanda dance-shot pv. I’m sorry, I was never their biggest fan, so my memories are mostly about singles. Although, on one alo-hello dvd, Chinami and Miyabi were super hilarious together. I definitely loved that dvd.

You’re forgiven. The fan experience varies from fan to fan so your experience is as valid as anyone else’s.

Some fans said it was a moment of self-realization that was their shining moment as Berryz wota, whether realizing “they over came[sic] Golden Era Musume in my ranking list” or they “liked Miyabi and Risako.”

For this last responding fan, it is certainly a moment we can also agree with:

Finding about berryz

Any final thoughts?

Many final thoughts were of the “I’m going to miss you” variety as shown below:

I’ll miss them so much!!!

I’ll miss them

Forever missed and always loved.

Berryz kobo have been great and i wish they weren’t going on hiatus (disbanding).

Love you forever, Berryz. Glad I could be a wota for 9 years

However, some provided eloquent, heartfelt response that certainly deserve mention.

First off is this fan, who gave a touching testimonial regarding their Berryz fandom.

I became a fan of MM in 2009ish through Golden Era Musume videos (Kago and Gackt video was the first I saw) and after a few months I realized that the Musume music I liked no longer was being made (Emo Musume was not my thing). I saw comments mentioning that Berryz Koubou made similar music to Golden Era MM and watched Special Generation… for like 5 seconds before getting freaked out by the little kids. I then stumbled across Shining Power (their newest single) and slowly but surely became a fan. MM had always been first but in about 2011-2012 Berryz material has been consistently more to my taste than MM and eventually they managed to take over as my favourite group. Although it probably helped that Saki is my favourite overall in HP as well.

Next is this one who provided some observation:

These last 11 years could have gone better, but I am thankful for all that we did manage to get anyway. No idol group will *ever* take the place of Berryz Kobo in my heart or my memories. I only wish that counted for something…

This fan said some poignant words regarding the hiatus:

I’m sad they’re going on hiatus, but you can’t be an idol forever. I wish they could keep making music together, but if they don’t want to that’s fine by me. I want them to be happy. I think them (and Sayumi) leaving is the beginning of a new birth for Hello! Pro, and I look forward to the future. Of course, Berryz will always be in my heart as my favorite band.

This last one is short and sweet, but gets straight to the heart:

I wish them luck. Really. All the best. And I don’t know what we’ll do without them, odd as it may sound for someone who was never really their biggest fan.

In Conclusion

As this survey closes, we fondly remember the Berryz and close the door on a chapter in H!P history and the memories therein. Some fans have departed for greener pastures along with their idol while others remain to see the next generation. We already have two possible successors to the Berryz in the form of the Factories.

Will Kobushi and Tsubaki be up to the task? We shall see… in a special bonus update next week!

I’ll end it with the best in show: Chou Happy Song!

Since this post is just as much about the fans as it’s about the miscellany not covered in the other posts, I’ll even end it with the Berryz Tribute presented by Chuu!Sugoi!Idol. (No, this has nothing to do with the image at 6:37.)

Stay berry nice with a taste of honey!


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