Preparations for the Summertime Boogie-Woogie

Summertime, let the love birds fly tonight
Summertime, can you feel it deep inside?
Summertime, come along and sing this song
Let’s celebrate a party all night long

If you’re reading this, then we’re halfway through spring. This only means one thing: summer is coming. It’s a time for relaxing and who would dare think about blogging at a time like this? (This is especially since I’m a prolific blogger as it is and I almost burned myself out at least twice last year.)

Well, there is a slight tradition here that melds my two main worlds (art and blogging) together. I tried this for the most last year with… results, but I hope for better days. (You have to be hopeful if you’re going to be an idol fan, even if being in the H!P fandom will turn you into the world’s biggest cynic.)

So here’s what’s going on:

While it’d probably be a great idea to take a break for the summer, I’d rather leave this blog with content to update during my summer break. (There’s also the high possibility of new releases popping up, which will automatically be among the summer crop.)

To prepare for the summer season, two things will happen:

The Vote for the Soul of the Summer Solstice 2015

When I said that there’s a slight tradition that causes my artist and blogger worlds to collide, this is pretty much what I was talking about. I will hold the second annual vote for the Soul of the Summer Solstice, the official image of the summer season here on M3 (and beyond). Cast your vote in the below poll and the winner will be colored and displayed as the Soul of the Solstice!

Call your friends by sharing this poll via these links! |

Here’s last year’s winner: The Soul of the Solstice

Let’s make it even better!

The 2015 Summer Refreshment Series presented by Magic Morning Meteora

Summer May-May D

Last year’s was a challenging series and I thank everyone for their support regarding it. I know I nearly burned myself out doing it, but I felt an obligation to do it. Plus, it kept the summer doldrums at bay and it was fun. There are also some ideas (namely, the beach songs and the questions) that fell by the wayside and I’m willing to try again.

The “Meteora” in the blog’s title no longer refers to an album (whose title refers to a monastery), but now to the Italian word for “meteor” and thus my “meteoric” ambitions.

To that end, I’m going to initiate an open call for the following:

  • Beach songs. Feel free to let me know some that are worth reviewing, especially since I’ve reviewed quite a few as it is.
  • Questions. Ever since reading Chiima (not once, not twice, but thrice) and morningtime answer reader questions, I’ve been wanting to get in on the act.
  • Ten-dollar summer treat recipes. For the upcoming series, I plan on tying a delish little treat with a related post. Let’s hope we can turn this into a reality!

Feel free to let me know via these methods:

  • The Comment Section below
  • The Magic Box for the Public Vox on M3 and on my Tumblr, Kathartic Bohemia
  • My Twitter: @MagiKathryn (either as a straight message/reply, a private message, or using the hashtag #AskMagiKathryn)
  • Messaging me on Facebook, either on my profile or on my page

There is also going to be an announcement made on Kathartic Bohemia regarding the blog later today so keep an eye out either by keeping an eye on the blog’s tag (or following its RSS feed). Be sure to keep an eye on my Twitter too as I’ll be linking to it there.

Update: The announcement is up and you can read it here. It is also on the sidebar to the right.

I look forward to your feedback and making summer memories with you! Be sure to spread the word and tell your friends!

Stay sunny,
— Magi-Kat


One Response to Preparations for the Summertime Boogie-Woogie

  1. […] midpoint of spring brought out the formal introduction of the Summer Refreshments Project. It was rather low-key this year with only one post in the entire series (which will be discussed […]


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