BMS: The Results Show – Act IV

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Welcome to the next installment of Berryz Memorial Survey: The Results Show. Last time, we took at Berryz Koubou after the graduation of Ishimura Maiha. This time, we’re going to head into an era a good number of people remember. Some of you may have even arrived into the fandom during this era.

Starting in 2009, Berryz Koubou began to be tied into a soccer series called Inazuma Eleven (which is actually an animanga based on a game; those clever little…). This resulted in a skyrocketing of exposure for the group (and thus an influx of new fans). (This also resulted in the word “inazuma” being inserted at least once per relevant A-side, along with references to lightning.)

Can you feel the storm? Here it comes! Here comes the Inazuma Era!

The Inazuma Era

Best A-Side

  1. Seishun Bus Guide (8 votes – 50%)
  2. Otakebi Boy WAO! (8 votes – 50%)
  3. Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda! (7 votes – 43.80%)
  4. Maji Bomber!! (7 votes – 43.80%)
  5. Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama (6 votes – 37.50%)
  6. Ryuusei Boy (5 votes – 31.30%)
  7. Rival (3 votes – 18.80%)
  8. Shining Power (3 votes – 18.80%)

Best B-Side

  1. MOON POWER (13 votes – 81%)
  2. Otakebi Boy WAO! (Spark Ver.) (4 votes – 25%)
  3. Chotto Samishii Na (3 votes – 18.80%)

Best Album

  1. 6th Otakebi Album (8 votes – 50%)
  2. 7 Berryz Times (7 votes – 43.8%)

Best 6th Otakebi Album Song

  1. Grand Demo Rouka Demo Medatsu Kimi (8 votes – 50.00%)
  2. Kimi no Tomodachi (4 votes – 25%)
  3. Kibou no Yoru (4 votes – 25.00%)
  4. Ai ni wa Ai Desho (3 votes – 19%)
  5. Yakimochi wo Kudasai! (1 vote – 6.30%)

Best 7 Berryz Times Song

  1. Icchoume Rock! (9 votes – 56.30%)
  2. Magical Future! (8 votes – 50.00%)
  3. BOMB BOMB JUMP (4 votes – 25%)
  4. Joshikai The Night (4 votes – 25%)
  5. Girls Times (2 votes – 12.50%)
  6. Onna no Pride (2 votes – 12.50%)
  7. Masshiroi Ano Kumo (0 votes – 0.00%)

What would you consider the high point of this era? Why?

Many and varied responses were given to this question. Twice was Tomodachi wa Tomoadachi Nanda considered a high point, looking to how it just plain suited the Berryz. One fan even said that despite not being as acquinted with them at the time. Two cited the anime tie-in as it introduced them to new fans through “a popula and growing fanbase.” Four stated he songs and dances were standouts, one saying that their high-energy numbers showcased the Berryz at their best. One respondent pointed to Yurina’s center song (with an exclamation point) as a high point. One other fan responded with “…”

What would you consider the low point of this era? Why?

The answers to this were very fascinating. Three were indecisive while one said they couldn’t really pinpoint any bad points. Two pointed to “Shining Power,” one saying it was “a lazy re-hash song.” One pointed to the sixth album and the lack of album songs therein. One other fan suggested the “lach [sic] in B-side songs.” Another pointed to the production quality: “Tsunku was playing favorites, and the budgets were non-existent.” One other reason was also interesting:

Inazuma promotion was a bitttt annoying

Is there anything about this era you’d want to change or no? Why?

The answers all formed a singular path with some minor deviations. Three answers were a unanimous “no.” One fan expressed “what the hell??” at Shining Power. Another desired for more varied material. One other fan hoped for it to last longer in polished form. The last one was a little indecisive.

Any additional thoughts about this era?

One fan did not share any additional thoughts while two gave filler symbols (“~~” “…”). One other fan responded that the Inazuma Era might be the one most in remembered in the consciousness. Another mentioned that despite the shaky management, the Berryz were in full throttle here. One fan posited an interesting question:
Does anybody remember Ryuusei Boy? And have they ever performed that one, aside from the year it came out??
I remember Ryuusei Boy.

In Conclusion

If the previous era set the Berryz up, then this period marked an increase of growth and exposure for the group however there is always a calm after the storm as much as there is one before it and all things must come to an end. This era was a short one but it is one with consequences for years to come.

I’ll end it with the higher-voted of the best-selling single from this era (which is also their best-selling single ever): Otakebi Boy WAO!

Next week on BMS: The Results Show: We calm down from the thunderstorm and acknowledge the end times in the Post-Inazuma Era!

Stay berry nice with a taste of honey!


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