Twilight After Raindrops Fell from a Youth’s Eyes

There must be a cloud in my head
Rain keeps falling from my eyes, eyes
Oh no, it can’t be teardrops
For a man ain’t supposed to cry

So it must be raindrops…

As nostalgic as that is, Dee Clark is not the focus of this post. The real focus at this post is the other two thirds of the triple threat bestowed upon us by the mothership connection of Hello! Project.

Ah yes, that one has caused quite a storm when the PVs were unveiled a few weeks ago: Yuugure wa Ameagari and Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru.

Yuugure wa Ameagari

The Song

Beginning with a piano flair, this song shapes itself as a possible successor to Toki wo Koe. This song has a light but bittersweet feel. The vocals are solid, even with the mild autotune. I’m reminded a bit of the work of Eiffel 65/Bloom 08 a bit for some reason.

The bittersweet feeling is justified as it seems to have a coming-of-age/graduation theme in the lyrics.

The PV

Dancing in front of a cherry blossom tree (and only a tree as its in large while background. (Is it me or is the tree’s petals becoming lighter? Must be the lighting.)

(On that note, the standing-in isn’t that noticeable to me — and I’m renowned for my attention to detail….

Just as planned.

— UFA)

Anyway, between the shots of the girls, we see them near the tree with images of the sakura projected onto them. As the PV goes on, the lights increase to symbolize the increasing hope. (I guess it’s their way of carrying on after the old guard disappeared.)

Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru

The Song

The song with a lead-in before transitioning into a digi-pop with vocals that alternate between before rapid-fire, pausing, and regularly flowing. It’s rather quite reminiscent of Brainstorming, Wakuteka Take a Chance, and Help me! (or just the Sayumi era in general). If Yuugure wa Ameagari is the Toki wo Koe of 2015, then Seishun Kozou ga Naiteru is the counterpart to Password is 0 (in a good way, in my opinion). The lyrics are assuring and uplifting, even if it’s a bit teasing at times. I also like references to the Iroha poem.

(I must admit that when I first listened to this, I was fooled by the false end after the second verse.. Those clever folks at UFA…. Hey, if you listen hard enough, you might hear… no, that’s wishful thinking.

I was also fooled into believing Sebastian (my Himalayan lapwarmer) was mewing while looking into this song.)

The PV

The PV is simple with a white set resembling a stage. We shall see our girls with traditional fans and umbrellas, along with a colorful background reminiscent of Brainstorming. (Egad, a lot of references this post, eh?)

Also, I do see Karin… I think?

In Conclusion

Both songs are great additions to the Morning Musume catalog. The new members certainly blend in with the new digs and the girls are truly shining.

The cultural misunderstanding certainly may have an impact on the sales of the single. (“There’s no such thing as bad publicity” as the saying goes. Then again, since overseas sales don’t count on the Oricon charts it probably will make little of a difference (as I and the bloggers who spoke about it hoped it be).

I’ll end it with Another Ver. of Seishun Kozou ga Naiteru.

Until next time,


4 Responses to Twilight After Raindrops Fell from a Youth’s Eyes

  1. number244 says:

    Nice work. I find it hard not to compare “Yuugare..” with “TokiSora”. They both occupy the same emotional space from different perspectives.
    I didn’t think “Password is 0” when I heard “Seishun Kozou..”.I think the later song grooves a bit more than the former, and I think the choreography for “Seishun Kozou…” is all the better for it.


  2. […] In honor of the release of the single this week, we’re going to cover ANGERME’s release. The original plan was for all three A-sides to be discussed in one post. However, thanks to “Mahoutsukai Sally” being too… overwhelming, this is going to be split like Morning Musume ’15’s spring release. […]


  3. […] another note, the spring releases of Morning Musume ’15 and Juice=Juice were discussed in […]


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