Ça va ? What a Wonderful World

Bonjour, Citizens of the Universe!

Do you see trees of green? Red roses too? Well, we’re going to say comment allez-vous to Juice=Juice’s new single, Wonderful World / Ça va? Ça va?.

Wonderful World

The Song

The song is rather light and uplifting, perfect for this season of new beginnings. At the end, we are treated to la’s from the girls before ending with the triumphant final line.
The lyrics express the joy in being with or thinking of their beloved someone, along with having a positive attitude. I’m now reminded of a Smile.dk song for some reason.

The PV

We see our girls in a pretty room (a dance studio perhaps) as they dance. The closeups show the girls at other spaces of the manor. Save or a small bit with the girls in front of a sky background towards the end, there’s not much to discuss. However, there is enough to really engage the viewer.

Besides… how can you still sad (especially given current events) with a song like this?

Ça va? Ça va?

The Song

The song is a ye-ye-influenced pop song with some rock flavor. Setting the tone with a guitar riff followed by a groovy “Dabada” section (which reminded a YouTuber of “Rottara Rottara.” The “Ca va? Ca va? Oui…” strings and melody even reference France Gall’s classic Poupee de cire, poupee de son (a song that would be perfect for idols). It ends with Karin voicing a strange “Je t’aime bien.”

An appropriate counterpoint to the almost saccharinely cheerful Wonderful World. Ah, l’amour. That’s so French.

The PV

The PV just Francophilia (or just Frenchness — I don’t mind). The dance shots are in a heavily French-inspired room with the outdoor shots deliberately placed to conjure images of France. This no doubt stems from H!P/UFA’s ventures to France.)

Going back to the dance, at times, they act out the problems described in the lyrics. (The sight of Takagi Sayuki and Kanazawa Tomoko is sure to conjure images of lilies.)

In Conclusion

Overall, the two A-sides display a differing side to each story. Wonderful World displays the honeymoon period where lve takes away all of the world’s ills while Ca va displays the anxieties that can come from it. (One thing’s for sure. After the news, I needed a pick-me-up like Wonderful World.)

The single dropped April 8. Care to do an idol a solid and support them?

A tout a l’heure !
— Magi-Kat


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